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Scream 3
• As the self-referential scary movie trilogy comes to a close with a final instalment set in Hollywood, Courteney Cox ("I knew the ending. It was seniority") and Wes Craven ("my films are, in a way, gallows humor") were on hand to express their feelings now that it's all over

Charisma Carpenter: girl on TV Angel
• With Doyle gone, it's time for a new team of fighters. Charisma Carpenter on the show so far, and Alexis Denisof on joining Angel Investigations in his Buffy role of Wesley Wyndam-Price

First Wave: Joshua (Roger Cross) picks sidesFirst Wave
• His agenda remains unclear, but it seems Joshua, one of the alien Gua, is on the side of humanity. "You're still unsure of his final motives" says Roger R Cross about whose side he's on

Morning Sarge! Victoria Pratt on Cleopatra 2525Cleopatra 2525
• Meet a new group of Renaissance heroes; three women fighting to help humans reclaim the Earth. Victoria Pratt (Sarge) says she's happy to sacrifice glamour shots for the joys of high-powered action

Earth: Final Conflict
• She may have left the series for a while at the start of season three, but Lisa Howard, aka Lili Marquette, is quick to assure us that she's not gone for good - and might be back with a small army in tow!

• Locked up away from her beloved, Dar, Kyra hopes to one day be reunited with the Beastmaster. Natalie Mendoza told us how she gets on with animals and humans alike on the show

Psi Factor
• New girl Joanne Vannicola tells us how things are going in the fourth season of the supernatural drama and gives some background on her character, Mia Stone

Operation Sandman: Warriors in Hell
• A new TV movie from UPN, Operation Sandman sees the creation of unsleeping, unstoppable soldiers whose waking dreams are having an impact on reality. We infiltrated the unit to speak to the cast and crew

  • This month's Strange Transmissions features The Green Mile, Supernova and Galaxy Quest in theatres, a first look at new shows The Others, Cleopatra 2525 and Jack of All Trades and all your favorite TV shows, including Buffy, Angel, The X-Files, The Pretender and GvsE
  • The latest news in Strange Happenings including Nicholas Brendon starts climbing up walls, Jason Vorhees is reborn for 2000, the X-Men get their costumes, a look at Tilt(a new project for the X-Files Vancouver production team), Star Wars: Episode II moves closer to casting and Jurassic Park 3 enters production
  • 10 Things You Never Knew About...
    Bruce Campbell, the godlike being who stars in new show Jack of All Trades
  • In Coming Attractions we take an advance look at the amazing-looking Mission to Mars and the cartoon antics of Rocky and Bullwinkle
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