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Carter & JMS collaborate!

jms: World not on Fire yetFor some it is their biggest dream made tangible, for others it is the confirmation of their worst nightmares, but however you look at it, the news that X-Files supremo ChrisCarter and Babylon 5 mastermind J Michael Straczynski are to team up on a television show is certainly interesting.

The bomb was dropped recently when the Cleveland Plain Dealer hinted heavily that a collaboration between the two genre TV creators was in the works – a revelation that gave credence to the rumor which has long traversed the ethereal strands of the World Wide Web.

However as the two were in the process of closing the deal with both CBS and the Fox networks, Harsh Realm was pulled leaving execs at Fox very wary about producing another show not entirely created by Carter. Add to that the fact that Straczynski’s last televisual effort Crusade left a lot to be desired and it’s hardly surprising that the men with the money are a little apprehensive. The World on Fire, as the series is to be known, is now officially on the backburner.

HIGHL4NDER: titles without end

It’s taken almost five years, but finally cameras are rolling on the most anticipated Highlander project to date – the fusion of the movie and television series – and yours truly was there to make sure they got on with it.Lambert and Edney: the original and best?

“The script is probably the closest to number one,” revealed Christophe Lambert, who once more reprises his best known role as Connor MacLeod. “[It] is the real sequel to number one in some ways, because it goes back to the romanticism, the lyricism, the fact that this character is a sad character before anything (else).”

Highlander IV which is subtitled either World Without End (which is the name of the production company), Endgame, Legacy or New Order depending on who you believe, concerns Duncan searching for his cousin and mentor after having terrifying visions of his fate...

“It’s about redemption,” states Christophe’s co-star and series lead Adrian Paul. “It’s about redemption for Duncan MacLeod for something that happened in the past, it’s about redemption for Connor MacLeod who tries to figure out a new way to continue surviving...”

GvsE lives again

After the cult show was pulled from schedules on the USA Network recently, it looks as if once again we can get down on our knees and give thanks to the almighty Sci-Fi Channel for saving Chandler and Henry’s asses. It seems the decision to move the show from USA to their Sci-Fi outlet came because the series was doing slightly better in re-runs there. The UK will also be privy to the antics of our favorite Morlock-killers as UK satellite channel Sky One will begin broadcasting the show in February next year.

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