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The World is Not Enough
• James Bond himself, Pierce Brosnan, talks to Xposé about his work on the newest movie in the successful worldwide franchise

Watcher mate? It's Anthony Stewart HeadBuffy The Vampire Slayer
• We continue our chat with Anthony Stewart Head, as he reveals intimate details of his work outside Buffy - including his Rocky history and some Pizza-based nudity - and looks forward to changes in Giles's life

Change your mind: Eric Close and Dennis HaysbertNow and Again
• Glenn Gordon Caron of Moonlightingfame returns to television with this hot new show featuring Eric Close as a man brought back to life with a mission. We spoke to Caron and his cast

Seven Days
• Executive producer Christopher Crowe gives some tantalizing hints of things to come in the second season of the popular Time travel action series

Remind me again, Colonel: what's the story?Stargate SG-1
• Still puzzled by who or what the Goa'uld, the Asgard and the Tok'ra are? We present a guide to the series' story arcs so far, alongside a rundown of events in the lives of the main characters

Sleepy Hollow
• What to expect from Tim Burton's headless horseman fantasy? We get some hints from the man himself on set

Xposé examines the troubled genesis of Kevin Smith's new film (reviewed here) about two angels trying to return to Heaven, with an unusual pair of prophets, an apostle and the last descendant of Christ out to stop them.

The Time Shifters
• One man, 100 years, many catastrophes. Spooky! Casper Van Dien, Martin Sheen, and director Mario Azzopardi on TBS' new tv movie about attempts to change history and avert disasters

Avalon: Adventures of the Abyss
• More deep trouble for your tv screen: an underwater blue hole to a parallel universe. Producer-star Parker Stevenson, freediving record-holder Meaghan Heaney-Grier on the joys of underwater filming for UPN

  • 10 Things You Never Knew About...
    Angel's Charisma Carpenter, aka Cordelia Chase
  • In Strange Transmissions: reviews of Dogma, Stigmata, and A Stir of Echoes, plus the season premieres of Now and Again, Hercules and Xena, the latest episodes of Stargate SG-1, Sliders and GvsE and a look at Buffy's Earshot
  • The latest news in Strange Happenings including including future plans for Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel, Millennium finally meets The X-Files, and Highlander heads for the big screen once more
  • In Coming Attractions we preview forthcoming mini-series The Tenth Kingdom and Sci-Fi adventure film Pitch Black
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