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Slayerfest 99

Buffy and Angel, back-to-back on the WBIs it that time again already? Yes it’s true, Buffy’s back and there’s a new show on the block too to make the week even more Joss Whedon-tastic!! So what can we expect from the much anticipated seasons of not just Buffy, but Angel too?

“It’s very different and exactly the same,” enlightened Joss on Buffy. “The environment may be very different, but the problems end up being the same. Ultimately it is still our core group fighting demons. There is also the new-found freedom of being in college with the new identities you take on in a slightly more grown-up world.”

Having announced recently that major crossover storylines are unlikely, there will still be visitors between the series, which air as a two-hour block on Tuesdays on the WB. (See separate item in magazine). Thus the third Angel episode features not just Oz but the ever more interesting Spike, who will then make regular appearances throughout both seasons. Later on, there is also to be a tale guest-starring Spike, better half Dru, and Xander, then in episode eight of Angel the lovely Buffy herself will turn up – as to what will happen, well that would be telling!

Black Out on X-Files

Thought you’d seen the end of Frank Black, did you? Get ready to put your green jacket and brown cords on again, ‘cause TV’s Mr Intensity is coming back and finally appearing on The X-Files. The move was broadcast by the LA Times who announced that Lance Henriksen was scheduled to appear in the seventh episode of the last season of the hit show, which should be transmitted round about Christmas time.

Arnie'll be Back

Am I the only one who thinks that it’s scary that the movie-a-month action star Arnold Schwarzenegger’s last film was Batman and Robin?!

Light at the end of the tunnel for Arnie?So thank our lucky stars that he’s back and making movies like they’re going out of fashion. As well as the much-anticipated End of Days (the recent trailer has made lots of people go ‘oooh!’) Arnie is gearing up to make a whole plethora of cinematic excursions in the coming years. Firstly there’s Frank Darabont and Chuck Russell’s Doc Savage, a remake of the ’70s campfest which was itself based on Lester Dent’s 1933 pulp novels.

Then there’s Seven Men from Now, a contemporary version of the 1956 western in which a man hunts down the outlaws who killed his wife. Next up is a bunch of sequels which have been knocking about for an age – True Lies 2, Total Recall 2 and Terminator 3. Then add to that I Am Legend which is currently getting rewrites to cut down the budget by The X-Files’ Rob Bowman, the long-in-development-hell Crusade (no relation to the deceased J Michael Straczynski show) and finally With Wings of Eagles. Way to go, Arnie!

Byrnes Country

Highlander: World Without End is a go! Peter Davis and Bill Panzer, the executive producers recently reported in from Bucharest with this news on the film’s production, and there’s Methos in their madness: “A quick note for Bucharest, Romania where we are in pre-production. And yes, Adrian Paul, Christopher Lambert, Jim Byrnes and Peter Wingfield will all participate in this dramatic sweeping epic.

"Additional shooting will take place in Paris, New York and Scotland. Adrian Paul is to arrive in Bucharest shortly for rehearsals and you can expect some spectacular action sequences... We are exceedingly pleased with the story to be told.” Considering this could be the only future the franchise now has, we can but hope it will live up to expectations.

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