Up against the wall: Pierce Brosnan with Denise Richards as Christmas Jones

Third time round, Pierce Brosnan feels he’s got the James Bond role sorted for The World is Not Enough, as he was happy to reveal to Alan Jones.

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Pierce Brosnan returns for the third time as super spy 007 in the nineteenth James Bond adventure The World Is Not Enough.

In the $110 million production, shot at London’s Pinewood Studios over a six-month period from early January this year, Bond must protect Elektra King (Sophie Marceau), the beautiful daughter of an assassinated oil magnate, from the international terrorist Renard (Robert Carlyle). Helping 007 with the assignment is nuclear weapons expert Dr Christmas Jones (Denise Richards) and the usual suspects back at MI6.

It’s been smooth sailing on the latest mega-production of the most successful franchise in movie history. But that wasn’t the case on Tomorrow Never Dies and Pierce Brosnan made sure everyone knew it. The 46 year-old star says, “The World Is Not Enough is a lot more coherent and pleasant than the last outing which was just – to use an English expression – kick, bollock and scramble.

"Somehow we managed to come up with a good film and it did well. I was pleased of course because it was my second one. Third time round it’s more comfortable, more relaxed, and I’m more confident and more assured with myself. I have a great director in Michael Apted who’s very good on stuff like character and story. He’s done so many different films and is such a diverse man, so he’s probably not the obvious choice for a Bond movie.”

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