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selected from Xposé #38

Darth's buddies say: Eh-oh!Here we go again...The record-setting figures for Star Wars Episode I's opening signaled a sad end to the months of news, rumors and speculation... so, on with Episode II then! Listen, don’t blame us! If anyone is leaping onto the bandwagon of hype, it’s George Lucas, or at least the official website who have already set up a preliminary page for the second movie in the Star Wars saga, the fiends!

So who is returning from the ticker-tape covered celebrations of Naboo? Well, include Samuel L Jackson who just can’t wait to get his lightsaber out, Ewan McGregor as the slightly older version of Jedi Master Obi-Wan (he’ll probably just grow a beard or something) and very possibly Ray Park as Darth Maul. Although his comment at a recent convention “I don’t think so, but that’s just my opinion” doesn’t look good, some interesting rumors have been doing the rounds about Ep II having several Maul clones, all different colors. For some reason the Tellytubbies spring to mind…

Buffy gets cross!

As the time draws near for both Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel to begin their new series in tandem, it’s all getting quite exciting, and not least because a few actors are breaking the radio silence on some juicy details.

As Xposé has already reported, James Marsters will become a regular once again on Buffy (some sources suggest he’ll show up as the Demonology Professor in the second episode) but at a recent convention he announced that he’ll also be paying Angel a visit. It doesn’t end there: Oz is rumored to be visiting the city of Angel and a crossover episode is also planned to explain Cordelia’s move from Sunnydale.

Finally, Buffy’s not going to be happy. Angel has a new love interest (well, you get over people quicker after 200 years or so), and if the fans don’t lynch her before she gets to the studio, soap actress Elisabeth Rohm will be playing new girl Kate.

Anderson's Realm

Chris Carter’s latest foray into genre TV Harsh Realm will begin airing on Friday October 8th at 9pm with a follow-up episode two nights later. The series, which deals with a similar theme to The Matrix, stars Strange Luck’s DB Sweeney and the now-defunct Millennium’s Lance Henriksen (who plays a general in the first episode) and Terry O’Quinn. To continue with the Carter cross-pollinization, Gillian Anderson will lend her vocal talents to the opening of the first episode where she will explain the general idea behind the virtual reality technology of the show.

Wonder-ous news

Plans are afoot for the very first Wonder Woman feature film. With DC Comics’ longest-serving heroine going from strength to strength on the news-stands, Joel (The Matrix) Silver’s production company is attempting to get the movie off the ground. Leading the casting for the role of Amazon princess Diana at the moment is Sandra Bullock. Although the actress has not said outright that she is considering the role, many believe that it’s only a matter of time. Wonder Woman’s only other media outing was in the well-remembered Lynda Carter '70s TV show.

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