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Earth: Final Conflict’s leading man Robert Leeshock provides a glimpse of things to come…

By Steven Eramo • Part 1 (part 2 here)

Excerpt selected from Xposé #38

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This past year has certainly been a challenging one for Earth: Final Conflict‘s resident alien-Kimera hybrid Liam Kincaid. Introduced in the second-season opener First of Its Kind, Liam follows in his mother’s footsteps and becomes the Companion protector to Da’an, but he also joins the Resistance and is secretly supporting their cause to drive the Taelons from Earth.

Liam is made Resistance leader in the episode Second Chances – but a part of him is preoccupied with trying to cope with and make sense of his human and alien roots. In the show’s upcoming third season, Liam is compelled to focus his energies on one battle at a time and his real life alter ego, actor Robert Leeshock, could not be more pleased.

“When I spoke to the show’s writers during the recent break I said, ‘You know, we really have to deal with Liam’s heritage.’ We spent a lot of time last year on my character’s internal struggle, which was sort of predicated by the fact that he was trying to figure out who he is,” says Leeshock. “That influenced his relationships with a lot of people including Sandoval [Von Flores], Lieutenant Beckett [Kari Matchett] and especially Da’an [Leni Parker]. Liam looked to these other characters to help him define himself and that really didn’t lend itself to my playing him as a traditional leading man.

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