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The X-Files
• From The Beginning to BiogenesisXposé presents our guide to the 22 episodes that comprised Season Six of The X-Files. Was it as X-cellent as ever? Find out in our extensive overview…

New allies? Augur and LiamEarth: Final Conflict
• Some fans have criticized season two - but were they justified? We talk to executive producer Paul Gertz, who reveals what worked, what didn't - and what's in store for the future… More here...

Buffy The Vampire Slayer
• Principal Snyder - aka Armin Shimerman - invites us into his office for a lecture. The subject? His brilliant three years on Buffy! "One thing Snyder and I share is that neither of us has great rapport with teenagers", he says

Diver DownDeep Blue Sea
• It's Jaws indoors! As Xposé visits the set in Mexico, cast members line up to talk about their fight against intelligent killer sharks…

Wild Wild West
• Salma Hayek on playing the gutsy Rita Escobar in the summer hit. Plus: Xposé reviews the new film!

• We look into this latest genre offering, which focuses on the age old battle between Good and Evil

Mystery Men
• Janeane Garofalo dispenses the truth about the new superhero movie

  • 10 Things You Never Knew About...
    Stargate SG-1's Richard Dean Anderson
  • Xposé Investigates Intelligent Animals... after Deep Blue Sea, could it happen here? Xposéinvestigates the possibility of animals evolving to a point where they could outwit humans.
  • Reviews of Wild Wild West, The Blair Witch Project and the South Park movie, plus the latest episodes of Total Recall 2070, First Wave, Earth: Final Conflict and Seven Days.
    All in Strange Transmissions
  • the latest news in Strange Happenings including more on the Buffy spin-off Angel, and the animated Starship Troopers
  • In Coming Attractions we preview
    Arnold Schwarzenegger's End of Days and Bruce Willis' Sixth Sense

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