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selected from Xposé #36

Buffy’s Off Again

So Buffy and Faith face off, Angel is wounded, the Scooby gang face their greatest challenge yet, and then… ah. Yes folks, if like us here at Xposé you were hoping to see the finale of Buffy’s third and without a doubt finest season then you’ve got a long wait. Due to the same problems that got the episode Earshot taken off air, namely uncomfortable comparisons with the Colorado school massacre, the final episode was pulled at the last minute. However do not lose hope. The good folk at the WB have said that the episodes will be shown at some point before the beginning of the new series and the opening episode of spin off show Angel.

Highlander – No End

At the eleventh hour, when it looked as if Christopher Lambert and Adrian Paul were about to down swords There can be only...  four?and walk off with their paychecks without having lifted a finger, they’re back on board Highlander 4, along with English actor Peter Wingfield reprising his popular character Methos. The much troubled movie is now – thankfully – known as Highlander: World Without End

The story is anybody’s guess as the script has been written and re-written so many times by several people including original creator Gregory Widen who it appears is now off the project. The new film is expected to inject life into the failing Highlander franchise since Raven fizzled off our screens. Shooting is expected to begin in October.

Rollerball Revival

Twenty-five years after cult sci-fi sports movie Rollerball hit the screens it looks as if it might be returning. Not as a sequel though, but as a remake. United Artists are so pleased with John McTiernan’s work on the remake of The Thomas Crown Affair that they have offered the Rollerball remake as a possible next project. McTiernan is also looking at developing a movie based on the Quiller mystery novels for the studio.

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