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Farewell Sunnydale

Well, isn’t it just typical? No sooner has Angel spread his wings and taken flight to the bright lights of LA than Buffy’s already on the prowl for a new beau!

Announcements flooded in recently about the new mysterious character known currently as Riley Finn who will be in one of Buffy’s college classes and who will apparently be as mysterious as that old flame of hers. The NY Post reported that if Angel was Bruce Wayne then Riley would be Clark Kent; an interesting analogy, but what could this one possibly turn into?

The DSN Spoils of War

SPOILER ALERT! Here are some HUGE spoilers fHi Spike!or the last episode of ST:DSN. If you don’t want to know what happens, cover your eyes!!

In the final episode What You Leave Behind all the loose ends are tied, each individual moves on to his or her character’s resolution in terms of where the series has lead them. For instance Garak returns finally to Cardassia, free of his exile but with the tattered remnants of the world he once knew lying at his feet. Dr Bashir finally gets Dax between the sheets and Odo bids Kira farewell as he returns to the Great Link to try to teach the changelings that the solids are nice people really.

But what of Sisko? The word was always that he would become a prophet; however this idea was quashed immediately by Mr Brooks as he didn’t feel it was appropriate to African Americans. Hence our good captain and DS9’s arch nemesis Dukat fall to their deaths in a pit on Bajor in a scene which rings so many Generations bells it’s really not funny!

Keanu's X-Factor

As the X-Men furnace begins to burn more intensely in the approach to its kick off date, more speculation surrounds the casting of the lead characters. Is it any wonder that after the extraordinary (and well warranted) success of The Matrix, Keanu Reeves is now rumored to be involved? “I’d love to do it,” says the star when asked the question by Australian magazine Rip It Up. “I met with Bryan [Singer], but I’m not really sure if I’m the right one for it.” Strangely enough it’s the character of Wolverine that Reeves is linked to, and if that’s the case I’d have to agree with him there.

The film in general has fallen prey to Hollywood’s latest fad, known as ‘the tightening of the purse strings.’ It seems after years of throwing money at films in the vain hope of them making a fortune, Hollywood has become wise to the fact that that’s just not how you run a business. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that the budget for The X-Men had been squashed from over $100 million to a mere $65 million in order to satisfy the suits at 20th Century Fox.

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