From Sunnydale to LA - David Boreanaz David Boreanaz
prepares to go beyond Buffy for his own spin-off show Angel.

David Richardson speaks to the vampire that even The Chosen One won’t slay…

Excerpt selected from Xposé #35

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They said it would never work out: an emotionally intense relationship between a young high school kid and a guy who’s over 200 years old. Yet, out of the misery and pain created by the love between Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and Angel (David Boreanaz) in Buffy The Vampire Slayer, some good has come.

Now in the third season, the pair have come to realize that their friendship is eternal, as they prepare to go their separate ways, setting the scene for the spin-off series Angel, which will air on the WB Network in the Fall. It’s been an amazing three years for David Boreanaz, who was plucked from obscurity to become one of the most high profile actors in television.

Boreanaz was walking his dog down the street when he was spotted by a talent manager. His name was passed on to Marcia Schulman, the casting director who was putting together the principal cast of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and the rest is history… “At the time they had some problems trying to find [an actor for] this character,” Boreanaz tells Xposé. “I was signed on just as a recurring character for seven out of 12 of the episodes."

“The audition scene was myself giving Buffy a cross and warning her about the Harvest and the vampires that are coming. We shot that scene at two in the morning in some god awful street. I got there at four and I was in the suit for eight hours pacing back and forth waiting to do the scene. It was nerve-wracking.” Boreanaz need not have worried. Audiences warmed instantly to the dark, enigmatic stranger, who wandered in and out of The Chosen One’s life, before finally revealing his secret. As early as season one’s Angel, it was pretty clear that Boreanaz and Gellar had that rare, indefinable chemistry that radiated from the TV screen.

For much of season three Buffy and Angel have been redefining their relationship. A passionate affair is now out of the question, so now they remain good friends – a theme explored brilliantly in the Christmas episode Amends. Touching and beautiful, it found Angel haunted by the memories of those he had murdered, while Buffy attempts to save him from himself. In just one episode, it seemed that Joss Whedon was laying foundations for the forthcoming series.

“That was a good episode,” Boreanaz enthuses. “When Joss was talking about it, he said it basically could be seen as a pilot. But at the same time it wasn’t, because not all the fixed characters were in place – as far as the Whistler character and Charisma coming over and whoever else they are putting in the show.”

A major change in both tone and style from Buffy, Angel is set in Los Angeles and finds the good vampire fighting evil alongside Cordelia (Charisma Carpenter) and Whistler (Glenn Quinn).

“There’s definitely more to discover with this guy,” Boreanaz insists. “He’s 244 years old and he’s had a history that you can go back into time with, and explore his good side and his evil side. The writers have blessed me with this character and he amazes me every time I pick up a new script.”

Much of Angel’s history has been told in Buffy using flashbacks in history; is this a narrative device that will continue in the spin-off? “I think so,” Boreanaz replies. “I spoke to Joss about it, and he said there’ll be some flashbacks in Angel. It’s right there bursting for it to happen. We’ll definitely explore his past, maybe flashing back to a period when he may have been even wandering the streets in abject shame and misery because of the time he was cursed by the gypsies. There’s a lot of ground to cover with him that will be fascinating to see.”

David Richardson

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