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Johnnie Badboy

Clambering up from the depths of 'development hell' this month is John Travolta's pet project Battlefield Earth. The movie based on the first half of L Ron Hubbard's monumental sci-fi novel has begun the early stages of pre-production in Montreal, Canada and is expected to go before cameras in July.

Xposé caught up with Javier Ruiz, from the literary agency representing all of Hubbard's written work, in London recently. "The story basically centers around Independence Day if the aliens had won," Javier relates. "The aliens have been controlling Earth for about a thousand years and they've been gutting and mining Earth."

The story goes on to follow our hero Jonnie Goodboy Tyler who leads a resistance against the alien oppressors and their security chief Terl, a 10-foot alien played by none other than Mr Travolta himself. His involvement doesn't end there though. "It's phenomenal the role that John is taking on in terms of production. All the pre-production steps for the film, he's there on each one." says Ruiz.

Dark Angel

No, we're not talking about another return to Angelus by Mr Boreanaz's character in Buffy. Dark Angel is the current working title for a new series from the King of the World James Cameron. The series, which is set 20 years in the future, follows a genetically altered girl called Max (a part being pursued by, among others, Jessica Alba from the horror spoof Idle Hands) who is being hunted by the government. The series is still being written and is expected to debut in next year's line up.

Bye Angel... Hi Spike!Hi Spike!

James Marsters, who plays Spike in Buffy The Vampire Slayer, has announced that he won't be a regular on Angel; he will instead be making weekly appearances again in Buffy as one of the good guys! Talking in the official Buffy magazine, Marsters said "The details are still being worked out, basically. What I was told is that Spike will actually be forced to help Buffy, that he will be a reticent part of the Scooby gang. He's sorta blackmailed into it, which I think has an enormous amount of comedy potential attached to it. Plus, I probably won't get killed, which is always a good thing."

No word yet as to whether his partner in crime Drusilla will join him.

Howard's End?

Lisa Howard, the actress behind the popular character Lili Marquette in Earth: Final Conflict, will only be appearing in the first half of its third season. Speaking on her own official website she informed her fans that due to the imminent arrival of her child she has asked only to be involved in the first 11 episodes.

"My producers have been so incredibly generous to me. They are all family oriented people and respect my desire to bond with my child, so have agreed to my request."

Stop press! Lisa had a baby girl, Sofia, on April 1st. Everyone's doing fine, so congratulations from us!

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