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Angel and Pals Angel solo - for now

The latest casting rumours on the Buffy spin-off series Angel have added high octane fuel to the already blazing inferno of Buffy fandom gossip. If reports are true, then following the angst-ridden vampire to the bright lights of LA (alongside actress Charisma Carpenter and her apparently now very alive character Cordelia) will be none other than Amy (Elizabeth Anne Allen) from episodes The Witch, Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered and Gingerbread. The latter story saw the character transformed – possibly irrevocably – into a rat, although the subsequent episodes have hinted that Willow will succeed in reversing the spell.

One person who is definitely lined up to aid Angel during the day is old pal and ‘nice’ demon Whistler (last seen in Becoming). Star of the new show David Boreanaz indulged, “I’m a vampire, so Whistler will be my eyes and ears in the day.” And there will be other occasional visitors too, Spike and Drusilla are more than likely to make an appearance and Whedon imagines that both show’s characters will no doubt cross over from time to time.

Watts New
Millennium actor Terry O’Quinn is the first of a long line of previous Chris Carter affiliates to officially sign to Mr X-Files’ new project Harsh Realm. The show, which is based on a comic book and dabbles in virtual reality (a subject becoming increasingly trendy due to imminent movies like The Matrix, The 13th Floor and Cronenberg’s eXistenZ), is still being scripted by the main man.

The Bond Makeover
As the clouds of smoke created by Pierce Brosnan’s latest 007 antics clear, more and more details are coming to light about Bond 19, now officially known as The World is Not Enough.

The production, which has just signed the metal mouthed jungle music icon Goldie (perhaps as much a dead ringer for Jaws as Jonah Lomu is for Oddjob), has revealed its release schedules. Unusually the nation of Australia will be the first country to present the movie on November 11th, a clear eight days before the US.

Other news doing the rounds includes the fact that Mr Bond will be getting a slight character make-over. Concerned that James was missing some of his more ‘Ian Fleming’ characteristics in Tomorrow Never Dies the powers-that-be want to inject a few of the nuances back into the suave agent. London’s Sunday Times newspaper quoted an insider as saying “The movie will show a Bond with an Achilles heel… a Bond with a very real chink in his armor.” Bet it involves women; it always does...

Highlander Flaw
The clock is ticking for both Miramax and Executive Producers Davis/Panzer with regard to the troubled third Highlander sequel. Within the month, unless a date can be announced for the beginning of shooting both Christopher Lambert and Adrian Paul’s options will have expired. Highlander 4: The Search for Connor (obviously the title needs looking at too) should have gone before cameras early last year, but due to lack of artistic agreement between the two producing factions, common (holy?) ground now seems to be a dream.

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