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selected from Xposé #31

Gellar's Evil
Sarah Michelle Gellar will be using her vast experience of the undead to take on all manner of monsters in George A Romero's screen version of the ultra-scary play-station game Resident Evil. Gellar is being considered for the role of SWAT team member Rebecca Chambers who comes face to face with a plethora of mutant nasties in a run-down mansion house.

MGM Win Again
Electra-fying BondThe latest round of the long-running court battle over the rights to James Bond has ended with the US Circuit Court denying Sony a motion for a rehearing over a preliminary injunction preventing them from creating a rival franchise. In a statement, MGM chairman Frank Mancuso declared, "This decision means that Sony has exhausted all its legal options before trial… We eagerly await our court date to establish damages for Sony's interference." Following these initial skirmishes, the final conf-rontation in the megalomaniac's subterranean lair… sorry, in a Los Angeles federal court, is expected in late March.

Devil Sandler
Adam Sandler, star of two of 1998's unexpected smashes, The Wedding Singer and The Waterboy, is lined up as the lead in fantasy comedy Little Nicky. Sandler will be the spawn of Satan in a rather unusual screen relationship - his father is the Devil and wants him to take over the family business.

Lost Show
The Lost World is coming to TV. No, not the Spielberg one! This is the original Sir Arthur Conan Doyle adventure story packed with prehistoric beasties and other unfriendly inhabitants, previously filmed in 1925 (with ground-breaking effects by King Kong's legendary animator Willis O'Brien), 1960 (directed by disaster specialist Irwin Allen) and 1993 (er, starring Sliders' John Rhys-Davies). Filming will begin in Spring 1999 on the pilot for the Telescene Film Group and Village Roadshow Pictures produced show, which will boast 'unparalleled special effects' as Professor Edward Challenger and his expedition colleagues find themselves in - to borrow the title of another prehistoric yarn - the land that time forgot.

Lost on Mars
The latest director to part company from a big studio project over 'creative differences and budgetary concerns' is Gore (MouseHunt) Verbinski, who is no longer helming Buena Vista's $60-80m sci-fi thriller Mission to Mars. Producer Tom Jacobson stated, "The studio is very committed to the movie. The movie always had an extensive pre-production plan because it's a complicated movie… and this doesn't jeopardize the film." The story of a rescue mission on the red planet after a first team disappears will now be put back from April to June production start, with Sam Raimi or Frank Marshall being named as possible replacements for absentee Verbinski.

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