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selected from Xposé #30

The Dream Team
After long expressing plans to collaborate, the two biggest names in the movie industry – Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg – are set to team-up on the futuristic thrller Minority Report. The short story by Sci-Fi author Philip K Dick, who also penned Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (filmed as Blade Runner) and We Can Remember It For You Wholesale (later Total Recall) had previously been in development by Twister director Jan De Bont at Twentieth Century Fox, but now Spielberg looks likely to be taking over the project.

007 – Enough Already!
Electra-fying BondDetails about the first draft of the script for Bond 19, currently titled This World is Not Enough, have crept stealthily under cover of darkness onto the Net. Although the draft by writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade is to be rewritten by Blink scribe Dana Stevens, this initial version should give some idea of what Pierce Brosnan will be up to in his third 007 outing. The globetrotting plot centers on enormous oil deposits in the Caspian Sea, with rich bitch Elektra King (if you believe the rumours, to be played by Sharon Stone) planning to steal the deposits for her own King Industries.

Amongst the action set pieces in this early draft are many trusted Bond ingredients – an elaborate Russian ski sequence which sees James and Elektra teaming-up to take on a quartet of multi-purpose vehicles; a pre-credits chase along the River Thames, which has 007 whizzing around in a jetpack after a female bomber; a sequence onboard a huge submarine (but of course) and an extended fracas through a Turkish bazaar which is said to include a trip to a Bath House packed with gratuitous female flesh. We’re actually a bit skeptical about this last one, since director Michael Apted has already stated, “I think the biggest change I want to make is the sexism of the films, although we are going to keep the gadgetry and the humor.”

Scary Shower
Promotional posters for Gus Van Sant’s new Psycho ‘remake’ had to be pulled down from buses and subway stations in Massachussets, after a dozen complaints. The image of an unidentified woman (presumably the ill-fated Anne Heche) behind an opaque shower curtain with the caption ‘Check in. Relax. Take a Shower’, was considered troubling to some members of the public, although Boston is the only State reported to have had any problems. I suppose it’s what you might call a minor poster Hitch.

In Defense of Angel
Buffy star David Boreanaz has been slapped with a lawsuit by a former landlord. In the suit, the actor who plays vampire Angel – and is soon to appear in his own spin-off series – is accused of being a real pain in the neck by landlord Roger Hostin, claiming that Boreanaz and his roommate trashed the property over their four year stay, alleging that they were finally evicted after neighbors moaned about “raucous, lewd, disruptive, and sometimes violent parties.”
Boreanaz’s attorney strenuously denied the claim and stated that, “I have proof that when the alleged damages took place that David was no longer residing on the premises." He also suggested that “I think this is one of those cases where they picked on somebody who since then has become somewhat well known.”

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