Earth: Final Conflict - Season Two

selected from Xposé #27

Xposé visits the set of Earth: Final Conflict and meets new leading man Robert Leeshock, who shares some secrets about the highly anticipated second season. By Judy Sloane

Robert Leeshock has a confession – he never watched Star Trek and he’d never even heard of Gene Roddenberry’s Earth: Final Conflict before he was chosen as the show’s new leading man. But it didn’t take long for the actor to rectify that situation by ‘gluing’ himself to the nearest television screen.

“I watched about 16 or 17 episodes and I thought it was great,” he admits. “I was excited to get into a successful show. It’s nice not to have to go through that feeling that everyone experiences, which is, ‘I hope it goes.’ I told my agent, ‘This show’s on the air. This looks like a steady job, I would like to do this!’”The new team: Liam and Lili

Last season Earth: Final Conflict established the intriguing scenario of an alien race called the Taelons, or Companions, who have come to Earth to use their limitless knowledge of science and technology to eliminate our most dire global problems. Seventy-one Taelons have scattered around the world, stationing themselves in every major capital city. Although the heads of governments welcome the aliens with open arms, there is a group of individuals, under the leadership of Jonathan Doors (David Hemblen), who are suspicious of the Taelons, believing their intentions to be nefarious, and who are determined to liberate Earth from the companions’ rule.

Leeshock’s character, Liam Kincaid, was conceived in the final episode of last season. “They had what they called ‘The Joining,’” explains the actor, “which was the sexual encounter between Sandoval [the FBI agent who works for the Taelons in North America], Beckett [who assists the Taelon leader in Ireland] and the alien who inhabited Sandoval’s body at the time. Therefore, I’m two-thirds human and one-third alien. Beckett gives birth to me in the first episode [of the new season] and the baby starts changing before their eyes. I age 30 years in a matter of nine days. It’s kind of funny because in the first episode I actually morph in front of them. I’m part of a race that existed before the Taelons – the Kimera...

When the actor auditioned in Los Angeles with Lisa Howard, who portrays Lili Marquette, he heeded the advice given to him by the show’s producer, Jonas McCord. “He kept saying, ‘The minute you try and play an alien, you’re done.’ The biggest trap that you have is to ‘play’ an alien. What’s interesting to watch is the human element in it. How does two-thirds of me as a human being deal with this one-third of me that’s unknown?

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