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It’s big and it’s dangerous, and that’s just Bruce Willis. We talk to the stars of this summer blockbuster and ask could the Earth really be destroyed by an asteroid?

Earth: Final Conflict
We implant executive producer Paul Gertz with a CVI and get him to look ahead to Season Two of the smash hit Sci-Fi series. To read an excerpt from this revealing interview, click here.

Area 51
There’s an area in the Nevada Desert where nobody goes, unless they’re looking for secret information or evidence of aliens… Take a very unofficial guided tour around the US Government’s top secret research facility.

The Avengers
From small screen success to a movie blockbuster? Producer Jerry Weintraub explains how he brought Steed and Mrs Peel to the big screen.

As the show slides into its fourth season, story editor Marc Scott Zicree takes us though the wormhole to look at how the series has changed.

Plus • Halloween: H20StarGate SG-1X-Files director David Nutter makes his major feature dèbut with Disturbing Behavior • reviews • news of strange happenings from throughout the world

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