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Feature: Top 50 DVD Extras


The Indiana Jones who never was, the Horror road movie that changes gear halfway through, the unseen Star Wars and Harrison Ford in E.T.… We count down the greatest added value materials to be found on disc…

50 Bowling For Columbine
Documentary producer Michael Moore had intended to use his Oscar acceptance speech on the DVD – until the Academy refused permission. So he just goes ahead and delivers it all over again for the DVD…

49 Final Fantasy
A slyly concealed Easter Egg has Dr Aki Ross and co grooving in formation to Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

48 Diamonds Are Forever
A chance to see Sammy Davis Jr putting in a one-minute cameo appearance among the disc’s Deleted Scenes. It’s one of the few unseen Bond sequences around.

47 The Silence of the Lambs
Anthony Hopkins provides a Hannibal Lecter answerphone message you can load onto your machine. “Please leave a message. The last person who failed to do so, I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti…” Bizarre.

46 Fatal Attraction
It gained an almost mythic reputation after years of discussion: now the original ending is unearthed at last, in which the psychotic Alex (Glenn Close) frames Dan Gallagher (Michael Douglas) for murder, then cuts her own throat.

45 X-Men
The X-Men meet Spider-Man? It could be the ultimate screen collaboration, although the comic strip fusion here is strictly behind the scenes. The DVD’s Easter Egg shows a prank played on the X-Men cast, as Spidey sneaks onto the set…

44 Touching the Void
This blood-curdling documentary charts the awful experiences of climbers Joe Simpson and Simon Yates as they attempted to conquer the unclimbed West Face of Siula Grande in the remote Andes. But with the DVD the story continues after the film’s final reel, as Simpson and Yates reveal What Happened Next.

43 Fight Club
Disc 2’s Art section offers a gallery of lovely pre-production paintings for key scenes. No mere concept sketches: these are works of art to savour…

42 Final Destination
New Line again proves its dedication to providing unique, interesting programming with a featurette that explores how Test Screenings can impact on the final cut of a film. You just might learn something…

41 Monty Python and the Holy Grail
As if to prove the Pythons will take the piss out of everything, even DVDs, they include Subtitles for People Who Don’t Like the Film (taken from Shakespeare’s Henry IV Part II).

40 Planet of the Apes – Special Edition
Home movie footage shot by star Roddy McDowall provides an enthralling look at the locations, the sets and the ape mask prosthetics.

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Ultimate DVD #56

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Ultimate DVD #56
August 2004
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