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Citizan Kane:

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The Movie

Twenty-four-year old wunderkind Orson Welles made an astonishing and controversial Hollywood début with Citizen Kane, perhaps the greatest movie ever. Shot and performed with utter confidence it was decades ahead of its time in all disciplines, and rightly nominated for nine Oscars. That it received only one (when it ought to have secured all) is proof of the enormous pressure applied to the movie industry by furious newspaper magnate, William Randolph Hearst, on whom Citizen Kane was based. The public fallout from this ‘biopic’ and the fact that the actor/director could hardly 5 stars - Digital Dynamiteimprove upon perfection, ruined Welles’s career.

The Extras

Picture is good. Sound excellent. There are two insightful Commentary tracks with director Peter Bogdanovitch and film critic Roger Ebert. New York première footage is so brief as to be superfluous but the specially-shot Theatrical Trailer, a glimpse of the genius of Welles, compensates.

There are separate Featurettes for storyboards and conceptual art and photos and sketches for a Deleted Scene, as well as posters for the publicity campaign, a Gallery of candid stills with narration with Ebert and 32 pages of Production Notes.

Disc Two contains a ponderously narrated but well-illustrated TV Documentary, The Battle Over Citizen Kane exploring the lives of Welles and Hearst and focusing on the moment when their careers collided; retrospectively, the young Welles had unwittingly made an autobiographical film predicting his imminently troubled future. There are contributions from directors Robert Wise and Bogdanovitch and elderly Welles himself. 4 stars - Damn Good DiscFascinating, if lengthy.

Mike Fillis

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Even more of one of the best films ever made

Citizen Kane on DVD

Orson Welles
Joseph Cotton
Agnes Moorhead
Everett Sloane
George Coulouris
Director • Orson Welles
Year • 1941
Duration • 119 mins
Screen Ratio • 1.33:1
Anamorphic • No
Audio • Dolby Dogital Mono
Chapters • 31
Language • English
Subtitles • English, French, Spanish, Portuguese
Release • Sept 25
Distributor • Warner


Chapter 17-
Love Nest Confrontation

Following the grandeur of performance and cinematography, this intense yet understated scene represents the turning point of Kane’s fortunes.

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