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Coffee anyone? Come on a Road TripThis year’s most outrageous comedy Road Trip will be hitting Region 1 shelves in December in two versions, as rated and unrated versions. Following in the tradition of last year’s American Pie, Road Trip will be available in two distinguishable versions – the unrated one has the cast naked on the cover, covered by a car plate which reads UN R8D.

As well as the different versions, there will be extra material: seven deleted scenes, including a comedy dream sequence and a special Kyle rap song. There’s also an Eels music video, a behind the scenes featurette hosted by Tom Green, a DVD-ROM trivia game which gets you from Ithaca to Austin by answering questions, screensavers and of course trailers. The unrated version will also include more never-before-seen footage of ‘that’ shower moment, which has become the equivalent of American Pie’s… well, pie scene.


A list of top distributor Columbia’s upcoming Region 2 releases in the first few months of 2001 has hit Ultimate DVD’s desks, and it’s looking like a pretty good line-up so far.

In January we’ve got The Patriot, featuring four-minute production featurettes, 13 minutes of deleted scenes, commentary with Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich, original production photos, two theatrical trailers and cast and film-makers biographies.

Circus is next, featuring an audio commentary by the writer and producer, an alternate ending, theatrical trailer, deleted scenes, sound bites and a featurette. Scarface will also make an appearance, with a production featurette, outtakes, trailer, production notes and biographies and finally Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas will feature a 14 minute Spotlight on Location, a two-minute theatrical trailer, cast and film-makers biographies, DVD-ROM, DVD Newsletter and production notes.

In February we have High Plains Drifter, Small Soldiers, Snatch and I Dreamed of Africa to look forward to.


If you think that car entertainment stops at playing eye-spy, then get ready for an excitement infusion with in-car DVD. It’s already been around for a while thanks to a few manufacturers, although it’s taken until now for the idea to be embraced.

By the end of the year around 12 in-car DVD players should be available in the US from such top houses as Pioneer, Clarion, Eclipse, Audiovox, Accel Panasonic, Alpine and Kenwood. Although each model will differ, the general feel is that of a boot or under-seat mounted unit, which will take around six DVDs and will also (of course) play CDs. So gone are the days of lengthy journeys for you and your partner becoming a chore, because now they can be watching a film while you battle with the motorway.

The Wrong Side of the Tracks
The finest quotes from recent DVD commentary tracks...

“To young boys everywhere: you’re welcome”
Director David Twohy during the Pitch Black commentary track, while on-screen star Rhada Mitchell squeezes into a tight hole and the camera focuses on her… frontage

“This grass being trampled underfoot had been grown on cow manure. The set soon filled up with the awful stench of this manure we were walking through and which the actors had to lie down in. I realized where the smell was coming from, and had to invent a story about a sewage plant down the road.”
The General’s Daughter’s Simon West proves that directors really do have problems dealing with all the bullshit they encounter.

“It was an arrangement of Live and Let Die, including vocals care of one Paul McCartney. I said well it’s not exactly my bag but coming from Paul McCartney one would be absolutely idiotic not to use it.”
Live and Let Die’s director Guy Hamilton goes all Austin Powers for a moment about the benefits of using the ex-Beatle’s fantastic title song.

“This is the part inspired by a bath that I took.”
Pokémon’s director Michael Haigney eschews literary or cultural influences

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