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Killed by death

The Movie

In the Final Destination scheme of things, death has a design. Escape the clutches of fate, and the grim reaper will come looking anyway - unless you can second-guess its plan.

When a party of American school kids board Flight 180 for Paris, Alex (Sawa) has a premonition of disaster. His panicked reaction leads to his expulsion from the plane, along with a few friends and a teacher (Cloke). As retributions fly in the departure lounge, the plane takes off, explodes in mid-air, and Alex becomes regarded as something of a freak. Then one by one his surviving acquaintances meet sudden and tragic ends, and Alex begins to realize that death does not give up…

While aimed squarely at the teenage horror audience, Final Destination boasts far more depth than one might expect from a visceral crowd-pleaser. The writer/producer/director team of James Wong and Glen Morgan prove that their work on TV shows like The X-Files, Millennium and The Others was a solid training ground, delivering a solid well-paced tale marked by spine-tingling chills, gasp-inducing jolts and some memorable visual subtleties. We'll forgive the unnecessary exposition and manufactured ending; Final Destination is a supremely entertaining shocker. 4 stars - Damn Good Disc

The Extras

Three separate commentary tracks grace this release, and each is marked by zest and wit. Director James Wong, producer Glen Morgan, editor James Coblentz and co-writer Jeffrey Reddick line up for a film-makers' chinwag, and instantly bemoan the fact that New Line changed the project's title from the more preferable Flight 180. Morgan and Wong point out lots of trivia (for example, the students depart from gate 46 at the airport - the same number of them that will die)...

Commentary track two is a cast party, with Devon Sawa, Kerr Smith, Kristen Cloke and Chad E Donella. It's very interactive and non-stop entertainment, as the four exchange hilarious banter while still succeeding in being revealing. When Cloke announces dryly, "So far I think we're riveting!" you'll have to agree.

Two new documentaries are far superior to the usual Spotlight on Location nonsense. The Perfect Souffle (13 mins) examines the role of test screenings, as we observe video footage of the audience for an early showing... Scenes excised as a result can be found elsewhere on the disc, while we're told that the original ending was "too esoteric for the post-modern Scream crowd". So, if in doubt, patronize your audience.

Premonitions (20 mins) is an enthralling video feature which looks into the world of Pam Coronado, a psychic used as a consultant by the police.

The theatrical trailer (1.85:1 anamorphic) should deter anyone with a fear of flying, there are a couple of interactive games (including a clock, which allows viewers to calculate the date of their death. Charming.) plus strong DVD-ROM features: the entire screenplay, the theatrical website and animated postcards.

The chilling animated menus are sublime, the anamorphic transfer and sound mix of the feature top grade, making Final Destination a 5 stars - Digital Dynamitemust-buy DVD.

David Richardson

Final Destination DVD

Devon Sawa
Ali Larter
Kerr Smith
Director • James Wong
Year • 2000
Duration • 98 mins
Screen Ratio • 1.85:1
Anamorphic • Yes
Audio • Dolby Digital 5.1
Chapters • 19
Languages • English
Subtitles • English, English for the hearing impaired
Release Date • September 26
Distributor • New Line



Actually, the real highlight is a jaw-dropping moment of surprise, which, if mentioned here, would be completely ruined. So let's go for a pretty cool substitute that sticks in the memory...

Chapter 3 – Departure
As Flight 180 lifts off, disaster strikes and the cabin is ripped apart in a frenzy of horrifying special effects.


Details of three deleted / alternate scenes in issue!

From Ultimate DVD #11

Thank you for the music

The Movie

Top Five Reasons to enjoy High Fidelity:

1: The Story
Music aficionado Rob Gordon (Cusack) has a failing love life and a floundering record shop business, which forces him to him to examine his previous break ups. An intuitive look at the relationship wilderness from a male perspective, High Fidelity also mixes razor sharp wit with a gloriously enjoyable soundtrack.

2: It's a great adaptation of the novel
Nick Hornby's modern classic transfers seamlessly from London to Chicago, retaining the book's greatest strength - Rob's inner monologues - by having the lead character directly address the camera.

3: John Cusack
In addition to his perfect rendition of the selfish, misguided but ultimately sympathetic Rob, one of Hollywood's finest actors also assumes the duties of producer and co-writer of the script. His passion for the source material is evident throughout.

4: The Support Cast
An aspect in which the film improves upon the book: Rob's shop assistants, "the musical moron twins", come to vivid life on screen. Todd Louiso creates a carefully honed portrait of nervous geekdom as Dick, while Jack Black, although at times a little too eager to please the multiplex crowds, provides some of the funniest moments as the gross Barry.

5: The Top Five Lists
Rob's laugh-out-loud funny pop quiz summary of life; so good4 stars - Damn good disc we had to copy it.

The Extras

The theatrical trailer is a little unrepresentative (too much of the gregarious Black, too many clips that went unused), but the extensive deleted scenes are welcome (see sidebar). The lack of commentary track is disappointing, but Cusack and Frears each address five aspects of the film (including the source material, script writing and the soundtrack) in a selection of interview snippets, which include4 stars - Damn good disc candid on-set footage.

David Richardson

High Fidelity DVD

John Cusack
Jack Black
Todd Louiso
Joan Cusack
Iben Hjejle
Director • Stephen Frears
Year • 2000
Duration • 114 min
Screen Ratio • 1.85:1
Anamorphic • Yes
Audio • Dolby Digital 5.1
Chapters • 29
Languages • English
Subtitles • Spanish
Release Date • September 19
Distributor • Touchstone



Chapter 19 – Encounters
Rob face to face with his rival Ian (Robbins) and we glimpse all the things he wished he'd said...


Details of nine deleted High Fidelity scenes in issue!

From Ultimate DVD #11

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