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Julianne Moore in The Lost World

Julianne Moore interview

We chat to the lovely dino-diva of The Lost World

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Feature by Richard Houldsworth

Julianne Moore is not afraid to take chances. A quick glance through her résumé shows an impressive body of work from an actress who, thus far, has managed to combine looks, talent and intelligence, deftly avoiding the stigma of simply becoming a hot Hollywood cover star. She’s attempted comedy (Nine Months), horror (Gus Van Sant’s Psycho), classics (An Ideal Husband), thrillers (The Hand That Rocks the Cradle) and art house (Short Cuts, The Big Lebowski). This month her biggest box office success comes to DVD, as Moore played the pioneering palaeontologist Dr Sarah Harding in The Lost World.

“Sarah’s speciality happens to be dinosaur behaviour,” explains Moore, “most specifically the nurturing behaviour of dinosaurs. So she’s very excited about being on the island, as this is her first and only opportunity to study them in the flesh.”

While the actress would research palaeontology in order to pull off the role (“I know a lot about movie dinosaurs, I don’t know a lot about real ones,” she laughs), it wasn’t difficult feigning excitement upon entering Jurassic Park. “I was so delighted to do it, to work with Steven,” she recalls. “He’s very serious about his work, but he’s so available and this is a guy with a great sense of humour who wants to have a good time.”

A Dirty Job

While The Lost World shoot often proved intensely gruelling (“I got dirty a lot. I’d get home sometimes and I’d spend an hour in the tub, just scrubbing off the dinosaur blood”), Moore remained enthusiastic throughout – awe-struck by the ground-breaking effects that became her co-stars.

“Stan [Winston] built the most beautiful animatronics, they were so lifelike,” she enthuses. “[The baby T-rex] had such personality and presence that I didn’t have to do any work. As an actor you have to endow things with a personality, and I just didn’t have to do anything. Stan had been an actor and I think that’s one of those things that makes him great with these beautiful animals.”

Without a doubt, if asked to choose a favourite sequence from The Lost World, many viewers would select the breathtaking cliff-top sequence, in which two T-Rexes propel a research trailer over the edge – leaving Sarah lying upon a shattering windshield. “It took three weeks [to shoot],” she offers.

“It was really uncomfortable. You’re in the trailer and they shoved it over the cliff. Then they suspended the trailer about 30 feet in the air, so they could get different camera angles and they would get us in and out of it by way of these harnesses. “It was a long, arduous process but I was really pleased when I saw the result because I thought it was really scary.”

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