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Cameron Diaz

there’s something about being cameron diaz

Plucked out of obscurity and thrown smack-bang into the middle of the Hollywood scene, we look at the career of the lovely Miss Diaz from The Mask through Being John Malkovich and right up to the upcoming Charlie’s Angels

Feature by Anwar Brett

From the moment she made her film début it was clear that Cameron Diaz would be a star. It was, after all, in the Jim Carrey comedy The Mask, and the mere fact that the curvy Diaz could hold the screen alongside the gymnastic features of the comedy star marked her out as something special.

Born in San Diego 28 years ago, Diaz made her name as a model before looking further afield for acting challenges. Initially she went up for a small role in was The Mask, and after auditioning she found she was called back a dozen times. Her diligence and determination paid off: she was cast in the female lead, as the girl going out with the mobster who falls for Carrey’s zany, be-masked alter ego.

Then for a while she looked to the challenges set by independent movies. She appeared in the blackly comic The Last Supper and then starred opposite Keanu Reeves in the dour romance Feeling Minnesota. In She’s The One she played a prime bitch caught up in a tangled web of relationships, and also took the lead in the sadly underrated farce Head Above Water.

Wedding Belle

My Best Friend’s Wedding brought her centre stage in Hollywood once more, and positioned her in a bona fide box office hit. As the sweet bride-to-be whose wedding is about to be ruined by star Julia Roberts’s selfishness she won our hearts once again – until she sang karaoke at least. Ironically the singing theme continued in her next film, A Life Less Ordinary, a British produced oddity that cast her opposite Ewan McGregor. “I figure three’s a charm,” she explained at the time, “so I can’t tell you when but sometime in my career there will be another karaoke scene.”

Cast as the object of Ben Stiller’s long term fantasies in There’s Something About Mary, Diaz once again proved her talent for comedy. And although her role was largely reactive she carried it off well. For one scene in particular director Peter Farrelly acknowledged her bravery in tackling it so wholeheartedly. “The hair gel scene was a potential career-ender,” he explains. “If this didn’t work and wasn’t funny she’d be come-head for the rest of her life...”

She needn’t have worried, as audiences flocked to see one of the hits of 1998. That same year she returned to black comedy in the macabre Very Bad Things, as Jon Favreau’s nagging fiancée. In recent times Diaz has moved up a gear, starring in the critically acclaimed comedy Being John Malkovich – playing an unrecognizable frump into the bargain – as well as crossing swords with Al Pacino in Oliver Stone’s macho football drama Any Given Sunday, and starring in the hip ensemble Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her.

With Diaz enjoying a hefty pay-day for her imminent turn as one of Charlie's Angels , all told it's not bad for an actress who is, by her own admission, untrained...

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