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Kim Basinger


In this issue, we take a look at the career of the foxy lady who went from bankrupt actress to Oscar winner...

Feature by Anwar Brett

Kim Basinger’s life is so packed with dramatic incident that it almost rivals the wildest adventure of any of her films. How else could you explain the rise of this now 47-year-old country girl, from Athens, Georgia – in a career that has seen her endure vilification in the courts at the start of a decade, yet bounce back to Oscar winning glory at the end of it?

By her 20s Basinger was a successful model in New York, but she remained unfulfilled and was determined to make it as an actress. She attended acting classes at the Neighbourhood Playhouse, sang at different Greenwich Village venues and, at the age of 26, took her courage in both hands and headed for Hollywood.

Small breaks came with guest spots on shows like The Six Million Dollar Man and Charlie’s Angels, and she landed her first series lead in Cat & Dog, but this was cancelled after the first season. Greater luck came in the small screen version of From Here to Eternity, and in 1981 Basinger made her movie début in Hard Country.

A Playboy centrespread drew more attention her way than any acting role had done thus far, but this increased profile was sustained when she was cast opposite Sean Connery in the ‘rogue’ Bond film Never Say Never Again. Suddenly she was in demand, and the roles came quickly, though the films were variable. But where The Man Who Loved Women, and The Natural had her in supporting roles to strong male leads, 9½ Weeks was a cause célèbre that fixed her name firmly in the public consciousness. As a woman stuck in an intense but destructive relationship with Mickey Rourke she was convincing, and quite willing to throw herself wholeheartedly into a controversial role.

Basinger appeared opposite Richard Gere in the swampy thriller No Mercy, played a feckless wife to Jeff Bridges in Nadine and made a decent stab at light comedy with film newcomer Bruce Willis in Blind Date. My Stepmother is an Alien immediately established the limits of her comedy talents, and was a severe step backwards, but her eleventh-hour casting as Vicki Vale in Tim Burton’s Batman maintained her A-list status.

In 1994, three years after making Too Hot to Handle with Alec Baldwin, the screen couple married. It may have been the stability of a happy marriage that kept Basinger going through one of the darker periods in her career, when she was sued by Main Line Pictures for reneging a verbal contract to star in the film Boxing Helena...

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