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The details for the full range of Thunderbirds Region 2 DVDs have finally been released. The full complement of 32 episodes will be spread across eight DVDs, which will retail at £15.99 each. If you fancy saving a couple of quid, get your hands on the box-set which will also include the Thunderbirds Companion book and will cost you £124.99.

Have you seen this puppet? Scott Tracy from ThunderbirdsEach individual DVD will feature four episodes in remastered DD5.1, plus an FAB fact file, a Test Your Brains quiz, a number of ‘Behind the scenes’ and ‘Making of’ featurettes, ‘Best of’ sections, hard of hearing subtitles, and animated menus. Volumes one through four will be released on September 11th and volumes five through eight, from November 13th.

Disney's De-Vine Tarzan DVD!

Some recent Disney releases have been causing concern due to the lack of either a decent widescreen transfer or any sign of exciting extras. Worry no more, because a disc that’ll blow a considerable amount of wind up your loin-cloth will be swinging your way soon!

The Standard and Collectors Editions of one of Disney’s latest classics, Tarzan, is a disc to travel the lengths and breadths of the jungle to get hold of. The Standard Edition comes with 17 added value features and the Collectors Edition includes a further 17 more!

These DVDs which will be emerging from the rain forests on 4th September, will be priced at £22.99 for the Standard Edition and £24.99 for the Collector’s Edition

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The Wrong Side of the Tracks
The finest quotes from recent DVD commentary tracks...

Jason Mewes in Clerk: wise words indeed

After recording Jason Mewes snoring just a few minutes into Clerks, Kevin Smith wakes him up for some commentary.
Smith: Jay, Jay wake up, your scene’s on man! Say something.
Mewes: I love chicks.
Smith: No say something about the scene.
Mewes: I love this scene, I love movies.

“In the original, Crane is a very ugly man. We all know that Johnny Depp is… you know… not too bad looking”
Christina Ricci compliments Sleepy Hollow co-star Johnny Depp. Kind of

“It was a hell of an experience, because my eyelids... were burnt off. I insisted on doing it myself: to my mind it was one of the best endings to a Bond film”
Walter Gotell on the lengths some actors go to, regarding the explosive ending of From Russia With Love

“David Fincher appears in all his films”
Edward Norton, speaking on the commentary track, in reaction to the subliminal flash of a penis in Fight Club

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