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Scorching Bond extras old and newBond movies are not enough

Is it not enough that Special Agent James Bond has to scale buildings, drive cars underwater and eliminate the bad guys while still maintaining his unmistakable savoir-faire?

Well MGM, the guys in charge of the imminent release of the first and latest Bond adventures, Dr No and The World is Not Enough, certainly don’t think so as the Bond discs will include a wealth of extra content. Dr No, for instance, comes with a superb documentary entitled Inside Dr No which details not only the making of the movie but also the build-up to transferring Bond to the screen (did you know that Roger Moore was originally asked to play the part but couldn’t due to TV obligations?) full of interviews with all involved.

The BBC’s Omnibus on Ian Fleming also presides as does a Dr No featurette, the US and UK theatrical trailers (narrated by Sean Connery), TV and radio adverts, production designs and sketches and a stills gallery.

(Details of TWINE extras in the issue)

Dreamworks join the party

Now recruiting: AntzIf you Region 2 buyers were wondering where Spielberg’s production house Dreamworks SKG were when it came to our favourite circular bundles of fun, then wonder no longer.

Rumours abound that not only will Saving Private Ryan be arriving on UK shores soon, but so will its compatriots Antz and Small Soldiers. Although a distribution outlet has yet to be determined (Warner and Fox are apparently in the running) it looks as if these top titles could be coming your way with a lovely anamorphic transfer and equally yummy DD 5.1 soundtrack.

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The Wrong Side of the Tracks
The finest quotes from recent DVD commentary tracks...

“I always remember having this argument with some of my colleagues at the time who said, ‘Nothing happens for 45 minutes’. I said, ‘That’s the whole point!’”
Ridley Scott recalls some initial reactions to Alien

“Some people may criticise some of the violence in this film. It is somewhat extreme”
John Carpenter states the bleeding obvious as the villain of Vampires tears people apart, rips necks, blows heads off. No, really?

“I want to take you into a place of cold, darkness and unrelenting pressure. Hollywood”
Director James Cameron introduces Under Pressure, a documentary on The Abyss

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