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Disney's TARZAN
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Jane's diaries were judged hilarious by the local wildlife

A dazzling animated movie that ranks among Disney’s best

The Movie

Disney take the bare necessities of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ classic and create a typically timeless, enchanting fable with universal appeal.

You know the story: a human baby is raised by apes after his parents are killed, maturing to be Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle. All is fine and dandy until worlds collide, and Tarzan meets more of his own kind. These include the lovely Jane and her bumbling father Professor Porter, plus the callous hunter Clayton, who’s out for the kill…

A dazzling feast for the eyes, Tarzan showcases the studio’s latest techniques combining sophisticated animation with a quite breathtaking depth of field. The results are the kind of vistas and backdrops that George Lucas should envy, leaving one constantly reaching for the freeze frame button.

In a brave move away from tradition, the score supports the narrative rather than being a part of it, and while Phil Collins’ songs are somewhat bland, Trashin’ the Camp and You’ll be in my Heart sit comfortably alongside Disney’s best.

With a sterling cast bringing their cartoon counterparts to life (Minnie Driver, Glenn Close, Rosie O’Donnell…) and a heap of worthy messages about family, conformity and fear of the unknown, Tarzan hits all the right notes. I can’t wait 5 stars - Digital Dynamiteto watch it again.

The Extras

The best stuff is obviously being held back for the Collectors’ Edition (released April 11), which means that this DVD has a very mismatched line-up of extras. The trivia game and ‘read along’ (with or without narration) are a nice touch but will appeal to the under fives only, while a host of trailers (for the theatrical release of Dinosaur and a smattering of Disney DVDs) are unrelated to this title.

Considering that You’ll be in my Heart was a smash hit (and Oscar-nominated) it seems odd to include the pop video for the inferior Strangers Like Me instead. Sadly, the only behind-the-scenes information available is in the very brief look at the recording of Trashin’ the Camp, which shows Collins and N Sync laying down this delightful jazzy track.

DVD-Rom users get a Tarzan game demo and links to Disney websites, but overall this is 2 stars - Disappointinga very patchy collection.

David Richardson

Walt Disney's Tarzan

Cast • Tony Goldwyn
Minnie Driver
Brian Blessed
Nigel Hawthorne
Directors • Chris Buck
Kevin Lima
Duration • 88 mins
Screen Ratio • 1.66:1
Anamorphic • Yes
Audio • Dolby 5.1
Chapters • 36
Languages • English, French, Spanish
Subtitles • Spanish
Release Date • February 1
Distributor • Disney

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Chapter 28 – The Truth Kala takes Tarzan to the hut where his family was killed. You’ll cry.

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