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Xena comes to DVD

If Xena had a more versatile chakram...Following in the footsteps of the gradually increasing line of sci-fi and fantasy shows coming to DVD is a selection featuring the delightful dominatrix Xena: Warrior Princess which should be available in April.

The DVD contains three uncut episodes from the second series Orphan of War, Giant Killer and Remember Nothing. The disc should retail for a very reasonable £15.99 (certificate 12) and will contain Dolby sound, a picture gallery plus biographies of the stars. The packaging also contains a lavishly illustrated booklet with photos from the show. Way to go, Xena.

Here come the Men in Black…

Galaxy defenders Smith & JonesWith Barry Sonnenfeld and Will Smith’s damp squib Wild Wild West available now, some of you may be wondering about their earlier and much better effort Men in Black?

If you were, then get a load of this! September will see the Region 1 release of the film which will come with so many extras it’ll make you crash to your knees in front of your DVD player and begin sobbing with joy!

The release will be anamorphic and will include the following: Commentary by Sonnenfeld, including a ‘magic pen’ which allows him to draw on the screen! Metamorphosis of MIB documentary, multi-angle preview of the different characters, five deleted scenes, three comparisons between storyboard and film, a featurette and theatrical trailers, Men in Black music video, picture galleries and – get this – the tunnel sequence in multi-angle with optional commentary!

Now before you catch your breath, just wait a second, because all of this is just on the standard release. For a few extra bucks there's even more on the Limited Edition DVD...

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The Wrong Side of the Tracks
The finest quotes from recent DVD commentary tracks...

Willis signs up for fight club
Glenn Gordon Caron: As you were punching the guy you said ‘Cruuukkk’.
Bruce Willis: I know, I did that for the first four episodes. It was an involentary reflex! They would go ‘Cut, we have to go again’. And I would go, What is the matter?!’
The Moonlighting producer reminds superstar Willis how his action hero days got off to a shaky start.

“Look at Jeff [Bridges]: he is in probably the best shape of his life in this film. He looks fantastic –
“– Actually, this was the first time computer graphics were used – I think they used my body and Jeff’s head!”
James Woods and Taylor Hackford discuss some of the production secrets of Against All Odds

“We didn’t want it to be a totally stupid picture”
Director Garry Marshall on Runaway Bride. It speaks for itself.

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