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... to issue 3 of a new magazine devoted to the best in digital home entertainment: the world of DVD

Special Features
DVD Biography –Bruce Willis
• The action star and character actor talks about his diverse career. Plus a dual-region DVD filmography!

Sandra Bullock in The Net (LOL!)• More star features for the biggest releases! David Duchovny on The X-Files movie, and a DVD biography for the speedy Sandra Bullock. The X-Files, two Speed movies and two Die Hard discs... all reviewed inside!

1-star disc Play Movie 5-star disc
A huge range of reviews - read them here first!
Region 1 Movie Reviews Region 2 Movie, TV, Music Reviews

Eight releases hot off the US presses include:

Seventy releases of all kinds including:

  • The Thomas Crown Affair
  • The 13th Warrior
  • American Pie
  • Drop Dead Gorgeous
  • Mickey Blue Eyes
  • Mystery Men
  • Notting Hill
  • Teaching Mrs Tingle
  • Die Hard
  • Disturbing Behavior
  • Speed
  • Ever After
  • Romeo & Juliet
  • plus Van Halen and Talking Heads music, BBC's The Planets in factual, Laurel & Hardy and many more ...
Note: Region 1 discs are intended for North America Note: Region 2 discs are intended for Europe, Middle East, South Africa, and Japan
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Brosnan & Russo share The Thomas Crown AffairProduction Notes
The Thomas Crown Affair

• Behind the scenes on the remake of the classic glossy '68 thriller, with steam-raising stars Pierce Brosnan (who also produced) and Rene Russo

• Our own special tech pages, with reviews of four of the coolest new DVD players: Toshiba SD3109, Sony DVP-5725D, Denon DVD-2500, Samsung DVD909

Coming to a DVD near you? We wish... 10 TV Shows We Want on DVD
• The range of DVD titles might be growing at a colossal rate, but we still manage to come up with 10 shows we'd like to see, from Life on Earth to Babylon 5!

DVD-Rom: the disc goes PC
• We take a look at the PC's newest standard buzz-word and divulge the pros and cons of using the format

• Our regular news pages look ahead to important changes on the DVD scene. This issue: the latest on Disney and Star Wars discs, plus recordable DVD - we've seen it! Plus your Letters

The Ultimate DVD Guide Part 3: N-S
• The number of DVDs available is growing at a colossal rate. We continue checking Region 2 releases so far in the third part of our in-depth A to Z guide


• a comprehensive DVD diary of forthcoming releases for Regions 1 and 2

• It's a DVD prize-fest! Fancy a copy of the six-pack Fox action collection, featuring Volcano, Point Break and The X-Files? You could win these, or a romance double-bill, or others including BBC's The Planets (sorry, UK callers only), and there's your chance to Ask the Anorak!

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