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Disney DVDs are no Mickey Mouse effort

Sixth Sense: scarily loaded with extrasHead of Disney, Michael Eisner recently commented on the growing DVD trend and explained a little why the upcoming batch of Disney features will surpass your average releases.

“My gut tells me DVD will come on even more strongly than the forecasters suggest. Why? Because I find that I'm now back in electronic stores cruising the DVD aisles, the way I did just as Beta and VHS were taking off in the ’80s and as the PC started to explode in the ’90s.”

This is all excellent news as a short while ago fear was spreading that the long awaited Disney movies would be substandard, (16x9 enhanced as opposed to everyone’s favourite, the anamorphic ratio). However with the MD of Disney behind the format we can only expect the best. One of Disney’s surprise hits of 1999, The Sixth Sense is due for release this coming March on Region 1 as a special edition, comprising a making-of documentary, deleted scenes, an extended ending, a storyboard-to-film comparison, the theatrical trailer, and TV spots. Could this be the shape of things to come?


George Lucas’s oh-so-long-awaited prequel Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace is about to be released, on something called VHS! Some of you may remember this format: imagine watching a DVD through some grease-proof paper...

The press release that DVD owners worldwide were dreading arrived recently from Fox, stating: 'A film such as this is rich with detail and watching it at home provides the opportunity to discover new and different things every time you watch it.’ See the grease-proof paper statement! And also: 'The film is being released on VHS videocassette only and is not being released on the DVD format in 2000 or for the foreseeable future.’

George Lucas refuses to release this movie on DVD because he wants to create an unparalleled DVD experience. All well and good; but the finality of this statement has, it seems, alienated many of his hard-core fans. Some of these are fully prepared to make a stand by not buying the VHS cassette and even posting him their VHS copies of the first trilogy to his ranch!

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The Wrong Side of the Tracks
The finest quotes from recent DVD commentary tracks...

Alyson Hannigan on American Pie
“I would never have known they were first time directors. Actually maybe I would cos they were so polite”
Alyson Hannigan of Buffy The Vampire Slayer fame passes her opinion on American Pie directors Chris and Paul Weitz

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Cube director Vincenzo Natali on how he made a breathtaking thrill-athon with just a single set at his disposal

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The Wachowski Brothers reveal that Bound star Joe Pantoliano wanted to stay clean for all the wrong reasons…

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