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A movie produced during the DVD generation – and the makers planned for its release on the formatDr Evil's embarrassing moment
Rated: tbc


Cast • Mike Myers
Heather Graham
Directors • Jay Roach
Duration • 95 mins
Screen Ratio • 2.35: 1
Anamorphic • Yes
Audio • Dolby 5.1
Chapters • 30
Languages • English
Subtitles • English
Release Date • Nov 16
Distributor • New Line
Price • $24.98
Austin Powers 2 cover
Austin Powers picture
New Line
Feature © Visual Imagination Ltd 2000. Not for reproduction

The Movie

Part delicious homage, part pantomime, part saucy Carry On…, The Spy Who Shagged Me takes up the adorable characters established in the first movie and lets them loose. Ultimately, it’s Dr Evil who steals the show, while the mugging, lascivious Austin is in danger of becoming a bit of a bore, and newcomer Fat Bastard is just one (big) waste of space. Nevertheless, this is the comedy hit of 1999 and a fine instalment in a franchise that looks 4 stars - damn good discset to endure for years.

The Extras

It’s Austin Powers and he’s loaded… With more extras than Kristen Johnston (oh behave!), The Spy Who Shagged Me is beyond shagadelic. Like The Matrix, this is a movie produced during the DVD generation – and the makers obviously planned for its release on the format. Just take the menu, with its specially shot sequences of a dancing Austin: “Make a selection, love!”, “Oooh, you’re a naughty one” etc.

Jay Roach, Mike Myers and co-writer Michael McCullers pick through the minutiae of the production on the commentary track. Did you know that the opening title sequence includes the US Gold-medal-winning synchronized swimming team? That Roach likes to use improvizational experts from The Groundlings troupe? Or that the Starbucks scenes were not product placements?

Myers is as jocular as ever (“Elizabeth Hurley agreed to have those machine guns implanted in her breasts. She still has them”) and praises Verne Troyer’s performance as Mini-Me (“He was better than written”). However, Roach sometimes states the obvious, while McCullers tends to be lost in the mix.

Wanna know more? Head into the behind the scenes documentary (1.33:1), with its array of interviews and superb video footage of the shooting. We follow the creation of ‘Carnaby Street’ at Universal Studios, hear from Elvis Costello, Burt Bacharach and Jerry Springer about their brief turns, while Robert Wagner insists, “I’ve worked all my life to become Number 2. I love this character.” Featuring original costume designs and Verne Troyer’s make-up process, this 26-minute feature (in seven chapters) is unmissable.

Likewise, the Deleted Scenes are uncommonly magnificent (see magazine for details), and the music videos section offers Madonna’s Beautiful Stranger (1.85:1), Lenny Kravitz’s Powers-less American Woman (1.33:1) and Melanie G (with Mini-Me) performing Word Up (2.35:1). Fans of trailers get the full works: the two Star-Wars-themed teasers (“No Mr Bigglesworth. Dr Evil does not like to be pee-peed on”), the full theatrical promo and the trailer for the first movie. There are also full filmographies for the cast, plus a breakdown of the cameo roles, which include Tim Robbins, Jerry Springer and Clint Howard.

Dr Evil’s ‘Hidden’ special features page (clue: it’s inside the big ‘E’ logo on the menu) includes Comedy Central’s very clever fake documentary, a spy-ography presented by Robert Culp.

Shot on video (screen ratio: 1.33:1) and lasting 20 minutes it includes interviews with the despot and his henchpeople and the cast enter into the spirit of this secret agent version of Blair Witch Project. There are numerous choice lines: “He’s evil in every way,” says the tyrant of Mini-Me, “and he fits easily into most overhead storage bins.” It’s obvious that Myers has far from exhausted the comic potential of the Austin Powers universe.

The page also has access to Dr Evil’s songs, but the Classic evil schemes gone awry option is just a very dry piece of text focusing on the adventures of Bond, Matt Helm, Derek Flint and Harry Palmer.

Finally, DVD-Rom users get ‘even more mojo’ (sic). There’s a sample round of the Austin Powers trivia game, the website, screensavers5 stars and tons of trivia.


Chapter 21 – Dr Evil’s Island
The stunned henchmen watch the silhouettes of Austin and Felicity in the tent as they decamp… Quite brilliant.

David Richardson

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