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... to a brand-new magazine devoted to the best in digital home entertainment – via the unique qualities of DVD

What is DVD?
• You mean you don't know? Then check out our handy brief guide to this modern miracle in home entertainment. Now online!

The Matrix
• Behind the scenes secrets for one of this year's biggest smash hits, including rare photos, designs and interview! We have a full review of this record-setting disc's brilliant features, and Keanu talking technicalities…

Brad Pitt in hairy adventureDVD Biography – Brad Pitt
• A complete guide to the popular Pittster, featuring all his movies including Thelma & Louise, Se7en, and 12 Monkeys. But which are available on disc? Ah, read on…

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Bond 19 is Not Enough...James Bond on DVD
• As The World is Not Enough hits cinemas in the US and UK, Pierce Brosnan chats about the most recent Bond adventures – and we review 007's previous 18 adventures on DVD…

VHS RIP - is tape destined for the graveyard?The Future of DVD
• So where does it go from here? Recordable DVDs? Mini-discs? Film Review’s Ultimate DVD gazes into the crystal ball of tomorrow's discworld

Play Movies
Our gigantic two-part reviews section covers:
Region 1 Movie Reviews Region 2 Movie, TV, Music Reviews
Hot off the presses:
  • The Matrix
  • Blair Witch Project
  • Prince of Egypt
  • Forces of Nature
  • The Rage:
    Carrie 2
  • The Nightmare on Elm Street Collection
  • The Mummy and more
All the latest, including:
  • The Mask of Zorro
  • Ghostbusters
  • Pleasantville
  • The Exorcist
  • Austin Powers
  • Heat
  • plus the first releases for TV's Black Adder and Doctor Who
  • Music DVDs from a-ha to ZZ Top.
  • In all, 100 Region 2 discs reviewed!
Note: Region 1 discs are intended for North America Note: Region 2 discs are intended for Europe, Middle East, South Africa, and Japan
The Ultimate DVD Guide
• The number of DVDs available is growing at a colossal rate. For our debut issue, Film Review’s Ultimate DVD checks Region 2 releases so far in the first part of our in-depth guide


• All the latest news on the DVD front. The Region 1 release of The Matrix hits the streets to record sales, while Titanic causes some ripples. Plus: the latest announcement for releases in the year 2000!

DVD Diary
• A complete round up of what's coming out on DVD Regions 1 and 2 in the near future.

This month's releases
• Can't decide what to buy? Consult our handy check list!

• Win the best in October releases for the price of a phone call! The Matrix, James and the Giant Peach and Dune could be yours for the price of a phone call (UK readers only, sorry)

Ask the Anorak
• Our resident anorak has been primed to answer all of you DVD queries. Why are there so many different sizes for DVD packaging? And why do DVDs sometimes pause mid-scene? He knows!

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