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The Matrix Sales are Unreal

It will come as no surprise to learn that September’s release of the Region 1 version of The Matrix broke all records for both sales and shipping as it took $23.4 million in revenues and became the first title to ship over a million units. The Keanu Reeves actioner toppled Titanic’s sales by 100%, selling 200,000 copies to Titanic’s 68,000 in the first week, but then The Matrix did have more extras than a Robert Altman movie!

The Region 2 release is now imminent, but UK folks shouldn’t get too excited just yet. The film will be cut by 15 seconds by those nice chaps at the BBFC, and will also lose one audio commentary track, the music only track and almost all of the DVD Rom content. The differences are due to the fact that Warners UK don’t have a contract with the same multimedia people that Warners US do, and in the long run it’s cheaper not to try and renegotiate said deal. With regard to the missing audio tracks, that’s down to the men with the scissors at the BBFC whose cuts to get the movie down to a 15 rating might mean that the commentary and soundtrack’s no longer tie up. Cheers guys.

One for Zorro

Antonio and Catherine were ecstatic about the Region 2 exclusive

Region 2 The Mask of Zorro DVD reviewed here

The recent Region 2 release of The Mask of Zorro will have Region 1 buyers slapping their foreheads with dismay, as it’s one of those rare occasions where the UK beats the US to the extras. As well as a missing scene, a 60 minute documentary including the original ending and director’s commentary there is also an extra disc with previews of forthcoming releases. None of which appeared on the Region 1 release – at least not the first time around. We spoke to Columbia Tristar’s marketing manager regarding the subject recently and were told that this version of The Mask of Zorro is a UK exclusive which will make its way over
to the States sometime next year.

Region 2 players going cheap

If you’ve been with DVD from the very beginning then you might remember re-mortgaging your house to buy the player. If so, look away now because you’ll only cry. MVC have recently dropped the much used ‘free discs’ deals to bring down the price of it’s Proline DVD 1000 player to a staggering £180, in an effort to combat against Toshiba’s bottom of the range 2109 player (which does come with eight discs) currently selling at £299. This seems to be the start of a price war, one which could be instrumental in waking up the world to the wonders of DVD – and that can only be a good thing.

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