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The proud owner of the finest abs in showbusiness, Brad Pitt has proved over the last decade to be more than just a pretty stomach
• By Anwar Brett

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A one time journalism major, William Bradley Pitt harboured an early ambition to go into advertising, but found himself quitting university just weeks before graduation and heading for the bright lights of Hollywood. With no experience, little money and few prospects, he managed to scrape a living through a few odd jobs.

“You do what you can to put food on the table,” he once explained. “I dressed up as a chicken once, and I had to stand on a corner in 100 degree weather, having cars drive by and flip me off. But I got paid seven bucks an hour, so what did I care?” Of course he can afford to smile now, and can even joke about it: “My motivation was eating.”

He managed to get a more conventional character role, a part in Dallas, (he recalls playing ‘an idiot boyfriend’) as well as fleeting TV roles in Head of the Class, 21 Jump Street, thirtysomething and Glory Days. The early ’90s found his fortunes changing for the better. A Levi’s jeans commercial set to The Clash’s plaintive Should I Stay or Should I Go showed him off as sexy, stylish and maybe a little dangerous, a fact not wasted on Hollywood.

In 1991, Ridley Scott’s feminist road movie, Thelma & Louise, cast in a small but crucial role and he became – after years of effort – an overnight star. He had also, by this time, appeared as the title role in Tom DiCillo’s cultish Johnny Suede, the tale of a man with a big quiff and a burning desire to be cool.

Cast the following year in Robert Redford’s A River Runs Through It, as the wild brother of solidly respectable Craig Sheffer, he was ready, many assumed, to take over the mantle of his director’s image of Hollywood’s Golden Boy. But Pitt yearned for something more, characters more complex and maybe less likeable than his WASPish good looks typically suggested.

Another cult movie, Cool World, cast him as a 2D cop in an animated world. Kalifornia meanwhile was a road movie with a difference, casting him as an amoral killer with a passion for dungarees and howling at the moon. The film was not a success, and deservedly so. But it did highlight the difficulties he would experience in breaking free from the constraints of his screen image.

A comic cameo in True Romance proved a comic interlude between a succession of dramatic roles. Interview With the Vampire saw him struggling to come to terms with his very vampireness, while in Legends of the Fall he was the wilful favourite son of cavalry officer turned rancher Anthony Hopkins. He was still playing heroic figures, but now with a dark side to them.

The high water mark of his expanding career came with Se7en, one of the hits of 1995. A straightforward looking murder mystery, with a twist or two, the film joined brash detective Pitt with seasoned cop Morgan Freeman, in a case of murder based on the seven deadly sins...

Brad Pitt on DVD

Brad commits the final sin in Se7en

Region 1

Thelma and Louise
MGM $24.99
A River Runs Through It
Columbia Tristar $24.95
Polygram $29.95
True Romance (Director’s Cut)
Warner $24.99
Interview With the Vampire
Warner $24.99
Legends of the Fall
Columbia Tristar $29.98
New Line $24.99
12 Monkeys:
Special Edition

Universal $34.98
12 Monkeys (DTS DVD)
Universal $34.98 Sleepers
Warner $24.99
The Devil’s Own
Columbia $29.95
Seven Years in Tibet
Columbia Tristar $29.95
Meet Joe Black
Universal $26.98
Seven Years in Tibet / Legends of the Fall (Double Feature)
Columbia Tristar $39.95

Region 2

Thelma and Louise
MGM £15.99
Interview With the Vampire
Warner £15.99
Legends of the Fall
Tristar £19.99
Entertainment in Video £15.99
12 Monkeys
Universal £17.99 Sleepers
Polygram £17.99
The Devil’s Own
Columbia £19.99
Seven Years in Tibet
Mandalay £19.99
Meet Joe Black
Columbia Tristar £19.99

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