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Feature: Stargate SG-1 Season 8, Part II

What's in store

Rebellious Replicators, Time-travelling Ancients, and an irate Indiana barber are just a few of the things Stargate SG-1 fans can look forward to as the show’s eighth season continues…

Regular watchers of Stargate SG-1 will remember the show’s seventh year ended on a bittersweet note. With Anubis threatening to obliterate Earth, Colonel Jack O’Neill risked his life and again absorbed into his mind the knowledge of the Ancients. He used it to operate a powerful alien weapon that defeated the Goa’uld System Lord. His actions, however, brought O’Neill to the brink of death, and SG-1 had no choice but to place their dying team-mate in stasis until they could figure out a way to help him.

Fortunately, at the start of Season Eight, they succeeded in saving the colonel’s life, with a little help from an old friend. Of course, this was after battling not one but two former enemies. Since then, it’s been all go for our heroes, and Stargate co-executive producer John Smith wouldn’t want it any other way.

“Everyone who works on the series agreed at the start of this year that SG-1 was not going to get cancelled because of declining viewer interest due to the scripts getting smaller and the acting not being up to its usual high standards,” says Smith. “I think Rob Cooper [series head writer/executive producer] has done a great job of consistently turning out substantial episodes with plenty of action and VFX. All our stories have been as big or bigger than in previous years. We’ve had a bit of a budget restriction this time around because the Canadian dollar has been far stronger in 2004. That said, our cast and crew have been working extremely hard and I think it’s remarkable what we’ve done so far this year ratings-wise with less money. Things get even more exciting in the second half of this season.”

When we last saw SG-1 in Endgame, they had retrieved the Stargate, which had been stolen by the rogue NID (now called The Trust), and in doing so, stopped the senseless massacre of innocent Jaffa. In the next episode, Prometheus Unbound, Dr Daniel Jackson, along with General George Hammond and the crew of the Prometheus, set a course for the distant Pegasus galaxy. Their mission is to rescue the stranded Atlantis exploration team. As usual, though, if you’re aboard the Prometheus, nothing ever goes quite according to plan.

“The Prometheus has been part of the Stargate universe for the past three years,” says supervising producer/staff writer Damian Kindler, who wrote the script. “Prior to this, we’d done four stories involving the ship. However, Rob Cooper said, ‘We have the sets, which are spectacular, and loads of VFX shots revolving around the ship. It’d be great to do another Prometheus episode.’ Rob told me the type of episode he was looking for, and I wrote a draft of the script. It was all done very quickly, probably within two weeks. Rob liked the shape the story took and thought the pace was great. At that point, I had to start work on a two-parter [Reckoning]. Because of time considerations, Rob took my script and did a polish on it, which bumped up the comedic elements. He did a wonderful job and we were both very pleased with the way it turned out.”

by Steven Eramo

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TV Zone Special #61

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