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Special Issue #47 • ships from Sep 5 2002
News-stand Price UK £4.99 / US $9.99

New Season Special
• Our guide to Cult Television's 2002–2003 season. Packed full of interviews and shots from all the best shows, this issue is one giant exclusive.

New Season Preview
• A comprehensive guide to all the new seasons of your favourite shows returning, or new ones starting, with the like of Buffy, Angel and Enterprise. We also have the latest on new shows John Doe, Firefly and Birds of Prey.

Some changes for Aeryn and JohnFarscape
• Exclusive interviews with two of the hottest stars in Sci-Fi television, Ben Browder and Claudia Black, otherwise known as John Crichton and Aeryn Sun.

• Is Wesley a traitor?
The future of the Englishman in LA doesn’t look bright in the new season of Angel. We find out more from actor Alexis Denisof.

• We speak to executive producer Brannon Braga on his rapid rise through the ranks on Star Trek to become the man responsible for the franchise’s fifth series.

• Linda Park, who plays Ensign Hoshi Sato, chats about her time on board Enterprise and some of the adventures that lie ahead.

• Executive producer Allan Eastman has been instrumental in charting a course for the ‘newbie’ in the Roddenberry legacy. We speak to him about the changes for Season Three.

• Lisa Ryder plays top action chick Beka Valentine in the hit Space series. We chat to her about the impression Valentine has made on the rest of the crew.

• One year on and we find out from executive producer Brad Kern that Charmed is not missing the majesty of the Doherty touch.

• The voice of conscience for the impending super hero, Jonathan Kent, played by veteran actor John Schneider, talks to TV Zone about Season Two of the teen drama.

• Anthony Stewart Head (Rupert Giles) spoke to TV Zone about his role in the series as well as the potential Buffy spin-off Ripper

• We take a look at Joss Whedon’s new Sci-Fi epic, Firefly, and ask the man himself just what is it all about?

• This new series starting in autumn in the US sees a private detective solving some complex crimes with his otherworldy ability.

Adventures Inc
• Based on a real life explorer and treasure hunter, Adventures Inc shows us that finding lost riches is not all glamour as we speak to star Michael Biehn.

Mutant X
• One of the hits from last year, Mutant X, is back for a second series. Executive producer Peter Mohan reveals some of the secrets of the new breed of Human.

The Future of Sci-Fi
• With only a handful of shows with aliens, Spaceships and rayguns, it looks like the end is in sight for our beloved Science Fiction. We take a closer look at the changing face of TV Sci-Fi

Amazing DVD competition
  • Your chance to win a DVD player, PLUS a copy of the 24 Season One Box Set containing every episode of the season.

Images taken from this issue are copyright or courtesy of: Jim Henson Productions, Warners, UPN

All other contents © Visual Imagination Ltd 2002. Not for reproduction

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