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Image copyright: see contents page of each issue. All other material © Visual Imagination Ltd 1998 - 2002
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Special Issue #45 • ships from Apr 25 2002
News-stand Price UK £4.99 / US $9.99

TV Heroes: The Television We Love
• In this special collector’s edition - timed to celebrate TV Zone’s 150th issue - we ponder the question of why we’re fans of television in the first place. Which shows have captivated us as adults or children? What makes them seem so magical?
• We approached dozens of people to contribute some personal stories of the shows that are special to them. The results were certainly eye-opening…

• Each nomination is accompanied by background information on the show. Contributions include…

Sarah Michelle Gellar as BuffyRob Francis on Buffy
• “'What's Buffy like then?' Last Summer, I got to discover what Sarah Michelle Gellar was like in person for myself....”

Wrapped in plastic - Twin PeaksColin Baker on Twin Peaks
• “Every ingredient of Twin Peaks works. The music, the settings of the hotel, town and wider countryside…”

Mrs Peel and SteedStephen Gallagher on
The Avengers

• “My mother had taken against Patrick Macnee for no reason at all: ‘Look at him. The big girl.‘”

Calista Flockhart exits as AllySophie Aldred on Ally McBeal
• “Maybe Renee’s breasts finally grew so large that they exploded, taking her and Georgia to the great unisex toilet in the sky.”

The Twilight ZoneJMS on The Twilight Zone
• “More than anywhere else, I acquired my love of language from Rod Serling and The Twilight Zone.”

Paul McGann as Doctor WhoGary Gillatt on Doctor Who
• “What began as a teatime diversion for a tartrazine-charged child, ended up as something approximating a career.”

Geordi and Riker, part of the Next GenerationSteven Braun on Star Trek: The Next Generation
• “Beyond being brilliantly written and acted, TNG brings me a great deal of comfort.”

Tom Baker on Dad’s Army
• “Arthur Lowe had this marvellous way of playing a comic role absolutely dead straight.”

Jayne Heitmeyer on Seinfeld
• “I found the concept very clever in its simplicity, the writing ingenious and the characters a whole lot of fun...”

Louise Jameson on Tenko
• “It was wonderful to eat guilt free. My chest grew from 32 to 39 inches almost over night.”

Thomasina Gibson on Captain Scarlet
• “No matter that he was only 12 inches tall and walked as though he’d broken every bone in his body.”

Plus many more…
  • John Ainsworth on Ace of Wands
  • David Winning on Andromeda
  • Andrew Jackson on Batman
  • Gary Russell on Batman (Animated)
  • Ellen Dubin on Bewitched
  • Mark Wyman on Blackadder the Third
  • Jason Caro on Buck Rogers in the 25th Cent.
  • Jac Rayner on Charmed
  • Dominic May on Dallas
  • Paul Spragg on Danger Mouse
  • Nalini Krishan on Dark Angel
  • Anthony Brown on Edge of Darkness
  • Enid-Raye Adams on The Flintstones
  • Jan Vincent-Rudzki on The Forsyte Saga
  • Alan Oppenheimer on Get Smart
  • John Binns on Grange Hill
  • Steve Cole on The Incredible Hulk
  • Peter Kent on I Love Lucy
  • Janet Greek on Max Headroom
  • Justin Richards on Mission: Impossible
  • Simon Guerrier on The Muppet Show
  • David Miller on Nineteen Eighty-Four
  • Andrew Cartmel on The Outer Limits
  • Victor Pemberton on Paul of Tarsus
  • Tom Spilsbury on Randall & Hopkirk
  • Keith Topping on Randall & Hopkirk (1970s)
  • Rob Shearman on ... Reginald Perrin
  • Jim Smith on Robin of Sherwood
  • David Darlington on Roseanne
  • Richard Atkinson on Roswell
  • Jonathan Morris on Sapphire & Steel
  • Don Franklin on Seven Days
  • David Richardson on Sex in the City
  • Steve Eramo on Space: 1999
  • Gareth Wigmore on Star Cops
  • Maggie Egan on Star Trek
  • Lee Binding on Star Trek: Voyager
  • Mike Fillis on Thunderbirds
  • David Midthunder on The Twilight Zone
  • Andrew Pixley on Virtual Murder

Images taken from this issue are copyright or courtesy of: Images © Warner Bros, Contender, BBC Worldwide, Paramount, 20th Century Fox, Avica International

All other contents © Visual Imagination Ltd 2002. Not for reproduction

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