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Issue 44 • ships Jan 26 • UK £4.99 / US $7.99

The Villains Special
• For one issue only, TV Zone is taken over by evil forces to list the 20 most vile, horrible - yet still watchable - villains in Cult TV History. With some exclusive new interviews, guest editor Sutekh the Destroyer gives us a hand examining each of these hideous beings, and the actors who had the (mis-)fortune to play them...

Includes profiles of villains from Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Angel, Doctor Who, Star Trek (Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Next Generation), Farscape, Earth: Final Conflict, Xena, Lois & Clark / Smallville, The X-Files, LEXX, Stargate SG-1, He-Man / Masters of the Universe, Babylon 5 and Blake's 7. But not quite in this order...


Five Villains: the Borg Queen to Spike The Borg Queen - one of many
Servalan - stylish villainess
Davros - creator, scientist, maniac
Gul Dukat - out of his head psycho
Spike - heart of a bad poet
• Plus brand-new interviews with Terry Molloy on playing the Daleks' creator, and Trek nemesis Alice Krige

Five More Villains: from Bester to The MasterScorpius - head-shrinking psycho
Bester - Mum and Dad in one
Morden - End of the line
Weyoun - Multiple personality evil
The Master - Student gone bad
• Plus newly published interviews with Babylon 5's shadowy Ed Wasser and telepath Walter Koenig

Five Villains - from Ares to Cancer ManAres Oh my god, it’s him
Q Galactic troublemaker
Skeletor Skulled at his job
Apophis Interstellar Lord

Cancer Man Killer of great men
• New interviews: John De Lancie, Alan Oppenheimer, Peter Williams

Five Villains - from Darla to PrinceDarla The Blonde Vampire
Lex Luthor President-to-be
Seska Head conspirator
Zo'or Would-be dominator
Prince His Royal Badness
• Plus new interviews with Martha Hackett and Anita La Selva

Also includes interviews with:
• Julie Benz stops biting long enough to chat about Angel
• John Shea on Lois & Clark's Lex Luthor
• Kevin Smith on playing Xena and Hercules' evil God Ares
• William B Davis on his smoking alter ego in The X-Files
• Jeffrey Combs on Deep Space 9's deadly Weyoun
• James Marsters on Buffy's bleach blond fanged one
• Wayne Pygram on breathing life into Farscape's Scorpius
• Marc Alaimo on the many layers of Deep Space 9's Dukat
• Jacqueline Pearce on her thorny Servalan in Blake's 7

PLUS! – Special Features

  • The Bad and the Ugly
    Everyone loves to hate a villain, from soaps to westerns. John Binns asks why, deep down we all love the bad guys...
  • Hold on, isn’t that…?
    The villain is not always who he or she seems, and sometimes looks just like the hero!
  • The Fall of Villains…
    Is there a more stylish way to go out than falling to your doom?
  • How could we forget…?
    The Star Trek villains that wouldn’t fit in above!
  • No! No! It can’t be…!!!
    When the villain dies, we’re all safe. Unless…

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