TV Zone Main This issue's contentsReview of 2001: The TV Zone AwardsExtra feature: Farscape season reviewSelected feature: Mark Gatiss on Randall & HopkirkBuy it
This issue's contentsReview of 2001: The TV Zone AwardsExtra feature: Farscape season reviewSelected feature: Mark Gatiss on Randall & Hopkirk.
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Review of 2001
• What happened in 2001 that really made us want to watch Cult TV – and, of course, read TV Zone? Our chronology of the past year has all the answers, plus:
Our Annual Awards line-up.

Voyager, Angel, Buffy: all overviewedSeason Reviews
• An overview of the year's main shows, Buffy, Andromeda, Angel, Farscape, Stargate SG-1, Voyager, The X-Files and Doctor Who in 2001. Read the Farscape review

Bob Mortimer in rehearsals for the Mark Gatiss co-scripted episodeRandall & Hopkirk (Deceased)
• After a first season cameo, The League of Gentlemen's Mark Gatiss turns his scripting talents to the R & H season finale. He played Doctor Who once, you know

Maj. Carter & Dr. Jackson in Scorched EartStargate SG-1
• The results of our 'Design a Stargate Monster' competition from TV Zone Special #42. See the gruesome monsters! Did you win? PLUS! A guide to Season Four of Stargate SG-1

Traci Lords & Sebastian SpenceFirst Wave
• Sebastian Spence looks back on three years of ups and downs playing freedom fighter Cade Foster. "It became more fairy-tale than Sci-Fi: I wanted more for the series", he says

Doctor Who
• It's been a good year for TV fans of the Doctor, with the VHS range nearly finished and some great features on the DVDs. We look at the BBC's plans for 2002, courtesy of the Restoration Team's Steve Roberts

• Ellen Dubin is to return to the perplexing world of LEXX in Season Four. Having played a Queen and a cannibal she's now about to become... the Pope?!

Level 9
• Susie Park boots up for a chat about this short-lived espionage hacker series in which she played hard hitting Joss Nakano. Plus team Leader Kate Hodge talks about mothering her crime-busting computer hackers in Level 9

The Invisible Man
• Producers Jonathan Glassner and Craig Silverstein tell us how to write for a man who for most of the time they couldn't see

• Will Yun Lee aids the beautiful but deadly Sara Pezzini, wielder of the Witchblade, as the ghostly Danny and explains what it means to be Asian and an actor

• A checklist and comprehensive guide to Season Seven, the final season of Star Trek: Voyager

• Ex Wall Street trainee turned Power Ranger talks about his paranormal sleuthing on the short-lived Freakylinks


  • Past Forgetting
    Even if the gems of TV past weren't junked they were still destined to languish unloved in the TV archives… or were they?
  • 2001 TV Poll
    Your chance to have your say about which shows, actors and Star Treks you love, hate or don't really care about. Enter for a chance to win some great DVD prizes!
  • Magazine Index
    A programme by programme chronology of all of TV Zone's articles, reviews, features and episode guides from the past year!

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