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This issue's contentsSelected feature: The TV Zone Review of the YearReview of 2001: The TV Zone AwardsReview of 2001: The TV Zone Awards.
the tv zone awards 2001

Best Show
Predictable though this may be, Farscape still remains ahead of the pack, constantly taking chances to remain fresh and exciting.

Buffy & DawnBest Actor
Dennis Haysbert for his incredibly rounded and likeable portrayal of scientist Theodore Morris in Now and Again.

Best Actress
Michelle Trachtenberg for a series of stunning performances as Dawn in Buffy that really made the Season Five arc work.

Best Ensemble
A new category this year to give credit to casts who work well as a team. Third place: The cast of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, particularly showing its skills in The Body. Second place: Andromeda, surprising us all with how well it all came together. Winner: The Invisible Man. They could sit about in the office drinking tea and ad-libbing and it would still be superb.

Biggest turnaround
Kevin Sorbo in Andromeda Andromeda
, from some decidedly dodgy early episodes it's rapidly evolved into an excellent show.

The Most Useless Channel of the Year award
Channel 5. We loved them, then they took all our programmes away. Runner-up: Channel 4, for refusing to buy the second series of Angel, poor scheduling and sudden removal of telefantasy shows.

The `What do we pay you for, exactly?' award for the most underused cast
Dark Angel
. If you're not Max, Logan or Lydecker, the guest cast get more screen time. Two of Max's friends have been lost for Season Two; the campaign for more Original Cindy, Sketchy and Normal starts here.

The Cancer Man award for the biggest cover-up
Mutant X
. Look, we all know it's the X-Men, so just admit it.

The Farscape award for surrealism above and beyond the call of duty
, for pretty much any scene Crichton is involved in, especially those with Harvey in Infinite Possibilities and Revenging Angel.

The Douglas Adams Tribute `On no, not again' award for a show that should have finished by now
Second place: Urban Gothic. They made a second series?
Winner: The X-Files. They're making a ninth series?

Paul Spragg