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The veteran Stargate SG-1 director talks about two of his Season Five episodes

Also interviewed: Lynn Smith (location manager), James Tichenor (Visual FX man), plus our Gate Watch on Season 5 including Wormhole X-Treme

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"As you may have already guessed by the title Red Sky, something happens to the sky in this episode," says the director. "It turns redder and redder each time SG-1 steps foot on the planet. We had to do some major brainstorming to figure out how to achieve this effect. In the end we did what's called a bleached bypass.

"The sky starts out ultra bright, which provides a heightened contrast as it goes briefly normal but with a red tinge, and then gradually becomes a deep red. If SG-1 saves the day it [the sky] will go back to its ultra bright state. Hey, I don't want to give too much of the story away," he laughs.

At the time of this interview, Wood was wrapping up work on Beast of Burden. The episode marks the return of Chaka (Dion Johnstone), who is the young adult Unas that Daniel Jackson made friends with last year in The First Ones. Daniel and the rest of SG-1 are faced with a moral dilemma when they discover that Chaka and thousands of his people have been enslaved.

"This is a wonderful story written by Peter DeLuise," says Wood. "I remember when I first started reading the script I thought, 'This is going to be big'. I didn't know why, I just felt it. Now that I've finished directing it I can honestly say that, yes, it's big, and that's because each of our characters has a different take on the whole slavery issue. "Beast of Burden sets up an interesting dynamic between O'Neill and Daniel," he continues. "Daniel explains his point of view but doesn't want to be petulant about it. He's not about to stamp his feet and go, 'I'm not leaving until such and such happens!"

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