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TV Zone's Voyager – Farewell Special

It’s been seven years since the USS Voyager began its long journey home from the far-flung reaches of the Delta Quadrant. This May (in the US), the final episode marks the end of Star Trek set in the 24th Century. In this 100-page special, we have exclusive interviews with six Voyager stars, and much more...

Kate Mulgrew ...
• talks about life as the bold Captain Janeway. From playing the first female Captain to what lies next. “I’ve been working pretty much non-stop for 30 years. I think I have to stop for a bit...”

Robert Picardo
• The beloved EMH has risen from the depths of ‘annoying medical tool’ to the heights of ‘trusted friend’. Picardo discusses how he saw the Doctor progressing: “I’m the only hologram who’s gotten a little bit chunkier… I’m quite delighted about that”

Robert Duncan McNeill
Tom Paris • Lt Tom Paris has come a long way from the hot-headed criminal of Caretaker. Ace pilot and loyal husband, the actor/director says: “I enjoy directing episodes with a bit of humour… they're more meaningful to viewers"

Tim Russ...
Tuvok • on his portrayal of Star Trek's first full blooded Vulcan regular. “In the beginning the main goal was to sell the fact that Tuvok was real 100% Vulcan, so that’s what I focused on”.

Robert Beltran...
Chakotay • His character may have been underused at times, causing Beltran to become very opinionated: “It’s been hard to sustain a character like Chakotay through some of the ridiculous story lines we’ve had”

Garrett Wang
Harry Kim • It’s been a roller-coaster ride for Harry Kim. Yet the actor remains light-hearted about Kim’s lack of promotion. “Do you think it’s too late to for him to start walking around the bridge with protest signs?”

Plus: Six from Seven...
Some of TV Zone’s biggest Trek fans pick their favourite episodes of Voyager's seven years. Amongst the episodes mentioned are Year of Hell, The Thaw and Muse. Plus EndgameStar Trek: Voyager’s last ever episode gets an episode synopsis plus some exclusive pictures

Voyager's Log
• When Voyager started many years ago, the actors and crew had their opinions then just as they do today, but were they different? Has seven years made them happy or bitter? Take a trip down memory lane with Voyager’s cast and some of its guest stars.

Voyager’s A-Z
• A light-hearted look at some of the aliens, anomalies and crew members that have made Voyager’s time in the Delta Quadrant truly unforgettable. From Borg Implants to Warp 10, it’s all there and it’s all true.

Everything I learned, I learned from Star Trek: Voyager
• A few of the sillier things that just seem to be taken for granted on the Space Ship Voyager

Star Trek’s Future
Now that Voyager is finished what will be next for the Star Trek franchise? We take a quick look at the new series Enterprise and speculate what the series might hold and what will become of the 24th Century after the 10th Star Trek film

Over 50 pages on Voyager!

Plus features on these great cult series:

Babylon 5
• Claudia Christian, the B5 legend, in an exclusive interview, discussing her time on the show and what might be next. Christian, who posed for Playboy in 1999, says that while she enjoyed Babylon 5, “I don’t think I’d want to work on Star Trek... I’ve heard it’s a pretty difficult show to work on.”

Xena: Warrior Princess
Producer RJ Stewart reminisces on the last few episodes of Xena. He discusses some of the ideas that he and some fellow writers toyed with and why some stories were kept and others scrapped. “I wouldn’t say anything about the process was easy at all, nor should it be when you’re dealing with so many different threads…”

Sheena – Queen of the Jungle
• Margo Moorer, formerly of 1940’s Be-bop band Lulu, discusses her current role as Kali, the mentor, tutor and surrogate mother to the sexy female Tarzan. “Boy was it hot … I started having such a good time though, that I soon forgot all about the heat.”

Special Unit 2
Alexondra Lee, the star of UPN's new Chicago -based monster-busting crime show talks about working on her first genre series under producer and friend Evan Katz.

Earth: Final Conflict
Martin Hunger and Christina Carr, two of Sci-Fi’s biggest fans, have found their dream job as set and prop designers. While working on the Roddenberry Space drama, the couple also find time to indulge in their love of all things Sci-Fi


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