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TV Zone's Sword and Sorcery Special

With witchcraft and sword wielding showing that it will always make popular tv, we take a look at different kinds of Magic – past and present – and see why they capture the audiences so readily. Not forgetting the swords, of course!

HerculesHercules and Xena
One span off from the other and both became huge hits. In an extensive history of the twin series, the producers, writers and actors talk frankly about creating a world of ancient heroes...

Spike and BuffyBuffy the Vampire Slayer
• While Buffy can take good care of herself, spells are needed to cause plots or problems for humans and demons alike. We look at how 'magic' plays many parts...

Those weird Halliwell sistersCharmed
• Producer Brad Kern charms us all with insights into Season Three, and what it’s like to lead a charmed life. Meanwhile we continue our episode guide by covering Season Two

Magic across the Atlantic
US Magic takes a look at shows that made tv magic history like The Twilight Zone, Man in the Bottle, I Dream of Jeannie and Bewitched - right the way through to modern classics like Mr Merlin and Xena

British Magic played a big part of growing up in the UK, with the likes of The Three Princes, Catweazle, The Ghosts of Motley Hall and Ace of Wands, to slightly more modern day programmes like The Borrowers, Five Children and It, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, and Rentaghost

Fantasy Flashback
Travelling back to 1989, we take a look at the Doctor Who story, Battlefield, starring Sylvester McCoy. We also chat to script engineers Andrew Cartmel and Ben Aaronovitch about the sorcery extravaganza

• A complete retrospective as we take a look at the franchise that's still trying to live forever

• David Paterson, who plays the new villain King Voden, terrorises the forest in the new series of Beastmaster. In our second Beastmaster interview, cult tv favourite Marjean Holden lets us into the secret world of beautiful warrior maiden, Arina

Robin of Sherwood
• Another classic British tv series, we talk to Phil Rose, alias Friar Tuck as he brings to mind all those merry days in Sherwood Forest

Sheena – Queen of the Jungle
• Rogue hero, John Allen Nelson, talks about tackling the jungle Matt Cutter's way in the first of our regal features

Queen of Swords
• Peter Wingfield tells all about playing the handsome hero doctor in the swashbuckling series. Also, Valentine Pelka on trying to inject some humanity into the evil Governor Montoya


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