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The Review of the Year
• It’s been a busy year since our last Yearbook and so here’s our traditional in-depth, scrutiny-heavy review of the last year’s occurances in the TV Zone, including all the successes and the failures…

With the genuine end of the Millennium happening, we take the theme of ‘closure’ to look back at shows that didn’t quite make it past the first tv hurdle, some that ended in style, and some that have been at death’s door for ages, but simply won’t give up the ghost!

Secret Agent Man
• Cancelled after a few episodes, we talk to star Dondre T Whitfield about playing the spy Davis

The Others
• Another show that fell, but after just one season. Stars Julianne Nicholson and Melissa Crider raise the dead

Make-up artist Fay Von Schroeder creating an alienThe Outer Limits
• With possibly the final episode of The Outer Limits airing, we talk to make-up artist Fay Von Schroeder. She looks back over six seasons of creating inhuman humans and monster effects.

The X-Files
• With so many series being cancelled, how has The X-Files managed to keep going? We look at the show’s probability for success now David Duchovny has virtually left…

Peter Jurasik as LondoBabylon 5
• Peter Jurasik puts on the robes of Londo and regails us with stories of Babylon 5’s final emotional days

38 Cult DVDs
• Technology continues to move apace, and DVD is heralded as the latest, high-quality video medium, but does this mean that fans of Cult tv will see old shows again, or be even more subject to the whims of the video distributors? And will it mean continued success for Cult tv?

And now on to this year’s successes. The most prominent…

Gigi Edgely as Chiana• Still not convinced by the new Sci-Fi hit? We ask our expert to justify the show. And we also get a word (or 20!) from Gigi Edgely who plays the monochromatic minx Chiana. She tells us about her role in the show as the fun loving criminal!


• Veteran Sci-Fi scribes Matt Kiene and Joe Reinkemeyer have written for Space: Above and Beyond, Buffy and more recently for the new show Andromeda. They let us into the secret of their success…

Stargate SG-1

• Tony Amondola has an ‘easy’ task, play Bra’tac, a sprightly 136-year-old warrior who has an alien parasite in his stomach and is now fighting against his ‘gods’. We talk to him about his role of the heretic. Plus, Carmen Angenziano only has to play two characters, in one body! He’s the human father of Sam Carter, Jacob Carter, and the friendly Goa’uld parasite Selmak. It’s all in a day’s work…


• He’s back, and this time it’s all about Time, as the souvenir hunting Blackadder travels through the ages, and changes a few things on the way. We look at this one-off comedy special.

Star Trek: Voyager
• A comprehensive episode guide to Voyager’s Season Six detailing the exciting adventures of Janeway and her crew!

That Old Magic…
• It seems that cult tv is becoming more popular, but could one of the reasons behind it be a kind of magic? Has Science lost out?

  • The TV Zone Index
    What have we covered in the past year? We present a complete listing for you.
  • Reviews
    Season overviews of all your favourite shows: Buffy, Angel, Stargate SG-1, Doctor Who, Farscape, Earth: Final Conflict and Star Trek: Voyager!

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