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TV Zone Special #39

Also in this issue: overviews of the 1999-2000 seasons of
Angel • Buffy • Doctor Who • Earth: Final Conflict
Farscape • Stargate SG-1
and Voyager


Ben Browder, Tom Baker, Kevin Sorbo, Gillian Anderson

Best series:
Farscape, proving that people and Muppets do mix, with hilarious, dramatic and extremely inventive results.

Best Newcomer:
Roswell (High). Transcending its 'Dawson's Creek with aliens' trappings, it became an extremely watchable show. Runner-up: Angel, getting past its Buffy-related hang-ups, it became a great show in its own right.

Best actor:
Ben Browder, for making John Crichton fallible yet intelligent, out of his depth but in control and at turns sane and completely loopy throughout the two seasons thus far of Farscape.

Best actress:
Claudia Black, for providing just enough toughness and sexiness in the role of Aeryn Sun in Farscape and for her wonderful performance when Crichton was in her body.

Biggest Disappointment:
LEXX. It went on forever. And then the twist was rubbish and hardly anything was explained.

Best Idea:
Casting Tom Baker in Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased). All he had to do was play himself and he was sublime. Why has he been so underused since Doctor Who?

Worst Idea:
In fourth place: the BBC's great idea of repeating lots of Doctor Who went bad when they stopped again. In third place, vegetable aliens arrive saying stupid made-up words because it's 'funny' in The Strangerers. In second place, most of the story outlines for the entire sixth season of Voyager. 'Seven wrestles'; 'Tuvok goes a bit camp'; 'Borg kids learn how to be human' but worst of all 'The crew goes to an Irish village. Twice'. But in first place: Channel 4's scheduling of, well, everything. What's the point in buying 45 minutes of programming if you have to edit out half of it due to its time slot?

The jms award for the most clichéd script:
Andromeda, where every line has to be run through several checks to make sure it's turned up in at least three previous Sci-Fi series. Runner-up: Urban Gothic, where in one episode someone turned out to be a robot. Has Tom de Ville never seen The Twilight Zone?

The Chris Carter Award for pretentious episode titles:
The Andromeda team. Check some of them out.

The 'Oh my God, is that still on?' Award for the show that's passed its peak:
Third place: South Park, continuing to try to offend people when it's already done its job too effectively to surprise any more. Second place to 3rd Rock from the Sun, which had a great first season. It's now going into its sixth. First place: The X-Files. Clearly a show that's going to be milked until it can give no more, it's on for an eighth year, and Gillian Anderson has signed up for a ninth. Is the woman mad?

The Channel 5 Award for gratuitous nudity to sell something:
Second place: Urban Gothic. It was the only thing that kept most people watching. First place: LEXX. 'It's not pornography,' said the creators. So explain most of the content of Boomtown then.

Paul Spragg

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