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Want to get your hands on a very sensitive, world conquering document? Plans to the Death Star? - pah! For real power to subjugate the masses, you need our TV Zone Invasion Special. Yes, it’s the global domination guide recommended by The Master, the Dominion, and every other race in the 12 galaxies!

Plus - 4 more free postcardsMore free postcards in this issue! Colin Baker, William Shatner, Mira Furlan
(see also issues #126 / #127)

How to win friends and influence planetsInvasion Guide
Yes, at last - a guide for all aliens attempting to launch an invasion. Ten pages of goofs, mistakes and wrong-doings, this companion could turn your very own invasion into a success!

Sebastian Spence clinches the lead role in First WaveFirst Wave
• Somewhere, alien invaders are growing their own bodies and testing Mankind. One human has resisted these experiments: Cade Foster's alias, Sebastian Spence, brings us up to date…

Plus! Another human who is working for both sides! Mark Varisco prtovides the extraordinary Visual Effects for First Wave's video records of Cade’s attempts to stop the invasion. We also hear from one of the invasion’s guiding forces, the usually unseen story editor, Paul Eckstein

Richard Chevolleau as Richard ChevolleauEarth: Final Conflict
• Resistance fighter Augur, alias Richard Chevolleau, tells us how the fight is going. Plus : working for both Humans and Taelons, designer Stephen Roloff illustrates his very visual role

Doctor Who
How could we not take a look at that irritating Time traveller who seems to pop up just when a good invasion has got going and spoil it all, or stop it before the invaders have even had a decent go?

Fantasy Flashback
A special pair this issue! In The Invaders, an old woman is terrorized by small space-suited creatures, but all is not as it seems… Then, the experiences of The Incredible Robert Baldwick, who uncovers an alien menace long at work…

Deep Space Nine
One well-reported invasion of late has been the attempts of shape-shifting aliens intent on dominating the human part of the galaxy. We examine their actions…Plus, we present an interview with the main representative of the shape-shifters, taking on the form of Salome Jens

Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons
There are many documented instances of conflicts starting by mistake, such as the human ‘invasion’ of the Mysteron city on Mars which leads to the aliens invading Earth. We provide an episode guide to the Gerry Anderson series

Alien Nation
A friendly invasion, as a former slave race of alien masters seeks sanctuary on Earth, but not all Humans welcome the immigrants. Alien George Francisco dons his human disguise of Eric Pierpoint to talk to us


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