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Sebastian Spence: Hunter, Hunted

Cade Foster with Joshua and Crazy Eddie  

This twice-blessed man is mad as hell and he’s not going to take it any more!

from TV Zone Special #37

Cade Foster never expected to become an unwilling guinea pig in a horrific experiment being conducted by a race of aliens who are plotting to invade Earth. Framed by these creatures for the murder of his wife, he has spent the past year on the run from the law and the aliens, who are masquerading as humans.

Foster is armed with an ancient book of prophecies written by the 16th Century French physician and astrologer Nostradamus. Not only did he predict the invasion but also the coming of a ‘twice-blessed man’ (Foster), whose destiny is to save Humanity from this extraterrestrial threat. Up to now, he has managed to impede the invaders’ progress...

“Poor Cade has become very frustrated,” says actor Sebastian Spence, who plays Foster. “This is something that I’ve talked about with Chris Brancato [First Wave's creator] in great detail as well as with the writers in terms of how the story arc for my character is developing.

"After spending 22 episodes of the show’s first season hunting these aliens I’ve more or less established what Cade’s mission is, but there’s no resolution. He can never get that one piece of information that he needs which will allow him to convince the public that the first invasion wave arrived on Earth long ago and that the next one is coming.”

Season Two Chip Start…

“When the second season opens, my character starts out with this chip on his shoulder and behaves somewhat more aggressively when it comes to dealing with the aliens. Cade is certainly a bit more brutal and, I think, twice as frustrated as viewers have ever seen him. It’s not until the fifth episode of this season [The Channel] that he finally begins to calm down.

"In it, a young woman, Chloe Wells [Sarah Chalke], is hit by a car and dies for three or four minutes. Miraculously, she comes back to life and discovers she can channel the spirit of Nostradamus, so Cade actually gets to speak with him face-to-face. This helps renew his faith in what he’s trying to do and gives him the strength to carry on fighting.

“So there are all kinds of things going on this season that change where the character is going,” continues the actor. “The tragedy surrounding his wife’s death is still driving him, but I think Cade has finally accepted the role of hero and the whole idea of taking the aliens on. Basically, he’s pissed that the bad guys always seem to win,” laughs Spence, “and is looking for more victories. With this in mind, the writers are going to delve more into his criminal background, which to me is really interesting. Rather than Nostradamus feeding him information that will lead him to the aliens, Cade will go on the offensive more and use his talents as a thief to get into places where he thinks they might be and expose their plans before they even know he’s there.

"The ‘fugitive’ element has also been pumped up this year. I mean, Cade is on the run big-time these days and will be having a lot more run-ins with the police and other law enforcement people who are trying to capture him.”

Foster’s lone companion and most trusted ally in his battle against the aliens is Eddie Nambulous (Rob LaBelle), aka Crazy Eddie. A junk food junkie and computer hacker extraordinare, Eddie is the paranoid publisher of a website appropriately called The Paranoid Times, which provides its devoted readers with information on conspiracies both terrestrial and extraterrestrial in nature. He and Foster meet in the first-season episode Crazy Eddie and the scruffy cyber savant agrees to be our hero’s shadow – deciphering the Nostradamus text and helping his new friend stay one step ahead of the enemy.

Growing Rivalry

“The relationship between Foster and Eddie is becoming more one of sibling rivalry,” explains Spence. “In our first episode this season [Target 117], Eddie shows up to help Cade but he forgets all his materials and screws up in a major way, so naturally my character is really annoyed with him.

"Cade takes this to the extreme during the first half of the story and when people see this they will probably think, ‘What’s happened? These characters used to like each other so much.’ They still do but by now they’ve become more like brothers and every once in a while you bicker with your brother. After all, you’ve seen that Airstream trailer our heroes travel around in. They’re bound to get on each other’s nerves having to share such close quarters,” jokes the actor...

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