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ISSUE 36 ships from Jan 31 2000 UK £4.99 / US $7.99

Sifting through 10 years of Cult tv, we scrutinise each year for its gems, and take time out to look at the shows which transgressed the Cult tv market and become mainstream. What better time to cap off the Nineties?

Over 10 years in the making, our Nineties Special includes a detailed look at each year in Cult tv, plus… 10 More Reasons to get this issue!

Seven of Nine and her CaptainStar Trek
• The shows, the characters and their effects. We cross-examine Voyager's matriachal figurehead - Captain Janeway - and review the impact of having ex-Borg Seven of Nine on board.

With a new Trek series looming, we also venture into a parallel universe to see the possibilities, and look back to the start of Deep Space Nine and Voyager, and what was rumoured about Captain Crisco (sic) and co.

David Duchovny İPolygram/Viacom PicturesThe X-Files
• Starting in 1993, one of the decade's key shows quickly moved from quiet Cult tv bracket to big business. Was it ‘too much too soon’, and will The X-Files survive past 2000?

Joxer and Gabrielle: Ted Raimi talksHercules & Xena
Ted Raimi, alter-ego of Xena’s side-kick Joxer the Mighty, on taking some serious prat falls. Plus Robert Trebor on Salmoneus’s love of gold and free enterprise - it’s all Greek to us!

Bruce Boxleitner from B5Babylon 5
1995 was John Sheridan’s first year as commander of Babylon 5. Bruce Boxleitner looks back on his time as the gun-toting saviour of Humanity

Doctor Who
1996 saw a long-awaited but brief return for the Time Lord . We ask not whether the show is dead, but if it can die… Plus Celebrating 35 years of Doctor Who, a special exhibition was held. TV Zone was there to grab a bit of cake and boast ‘I saw the Cybermen at Longleat’!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
1997 saw the most unlikely vampire-slaying heroine take the stage. A cheerleader who slays vampires becomes one of the most auspicious shows of the last few years – who'd have thought? We examine Buffy's impact

seaQuest DSV
Marco Sanchez recalls his two, mainly underwater, seasons as Sensor Chief Miguel Ortiz in the series once predicted to be ‘the hippest show in about 25 years’…

Fantasy Flashback – Ultraviolet
The whole of Joe Aherne’s stylish thriller comes under the spotlight. Get your teeth into the definitive, totally unique British vampire serial.

TV Demographics
With a clutch of Cult television shows now being aimed specifically at teenagers and becoming ferociously successful, we look at the effect this may have on Cult television in the next decade

To conclude, a look at why the television of old has become more accessible, the effect of making shows more obtainable to people and why nostalgia will never be the same again…


Pictures taken from this issue are copyright Paramount, TNT, Polygram / Viacom Films, BBC, World TV, Renaissance Pictures

All other contents © Visual Imagination Ltd 2000. Not for reproduction