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In the TV Zone Century Book we celebrate 100 years of TV, with interviews, features and a comprehensive Timeline spanning the last aeon!

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ISSUE 35 ships from 16 Nov '99 UK £4.99 / US $7.99

The Review of the Year
• As another year passes into oblivion, we take a moment to honour the casualties and drink to the victors of 1999 in our annual round-up… Discover the winners in our completely subjective Awards here!

Verity Lambert
• One of the most prolific tv producers in the last 40 years, Verity was present at the creation of Doctor Who, and now helps put the mystery into Jonathan Creek. Feature excerpts coming soon!

Battlestar Galactica's Anne LockhartBattlestar Galactica
• Anne Lockhart joined the series half-way through and was immediately made welcome to the ‘family’. Plus, fleeing the Cylon menace, we bring you a complete Episode Guide.
– Covers both Battlestar Galactica and Galactica 80!

Brannon Braga and his CaptainStar Trek: Voyager
Voyager’s exuberant executive producer Brannon Braga talks about the ship and show’s direction, and the dramatic effect of the Borg. Plus! The official list of stardates for the past season

Lost in Space
• Star Martha Kristen discusses her time aboard the Jupiter-2, and why there was no hanky-panky on the ship

Got spaghetti? Got jam? Vince knows...Rex the Runt
• It's time for a doggie dialogue with director/creator Richard Golezowski. We fire off our questions about the infamous plasticine pooches over an excellent biriani. "'Trousers' is going to be the catchphrase next series", he thinks.

The X-Files
• Tales from the start of the files with the original X duo, Fredric Lane and Brian Leckner

Babylon 5
• Creator of one of the most influential shows of the Nineties, J Michael Straczynski comments on the station’s creation and the difficulty of giving the dream form. With a complete episode guide for Crusade, the aborted spin-off show

And the jewel in this month’s issue is one of our extensive, comprehensive Timelines! Stretching across Time and Space, we present the TV Zone Timeline to almost everything tv related this Century!
  • PLUS! Happy Birthday TV Zone! Celebrating a decade in the Zone, we get our strange employees, associates and the like to recall how, where and exactly how much TV Zone has affected their puny lives
  • The TV Zone Index
    Wondering which issue had a feature on Love Boat: The Next Wave, or something even more useful? Here’s the complete list to TV Zone’s voluminous output for the last year!
  • Reviews
    Taking apart the most prominent shows we cover and poking them with sticks, we present a review of the year for Doctor Who, Buffy, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and The X-Files!

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