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Doctor Who

• A Sci-Fi classic comes under the spotlight to be poked with tickling sticks. He’s back, and what a relief! The Curse of Fatal Death writer Steven Moffat talks about his Comic Relief skit . Plus, the good Doctor’s travels are probed for what makes your laughing gear react...

3rd Rock from the Sun

Wayne knight eats ri-Dick-ulously wellExtensive 13-page section:

  • The arresting Wayne Knight talking about his role of Officer Don
  • Simbi Khali on playing the balanced Nina, Dick’s secretary. Being down to Earth is even more difficult when your boss is an alien!
  • Elmarie Wendel on having a ball playing the lusty glamour puss Mrs Dubcek
  • Plus our complete episode guide to Season One!

The Goodies

Goodie Goodie yum-yum!From Kitten Kong to the tandem, The Goodies gave us some pretty surreal icons. We look at how the series started, interview the trio's pop-loving, blunt-speaking, hairy little musician Bill Oddie, and examine the joys of string in a complete episode guide to the series

Jonathan Creek

Smart writer David Renwick talks about the comedy of magic in this wonderful series. Includes a spoiler page to infuriate your friends by solving the Mysteries first

Comedy Trek

See what tickles your warp core with no less than eight trips to Trek comedy nirvana. Two of the funniest episodes from each crew's tour of duty go under our large, pantomime magnifying glass!

Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy

All the facts are here for a specially extended edition of Fantasy Flashback, as we pick up the famous book and proclaim ‘Don’t Panic!’

PLUS all these features:

  • I Dream of Jeannie’s Bill Daily
  • Bringing the crew of Red Dwarf V Back to Reality in a Fantasy Flashback
  • Writer, producer and comedian Charlie Higson talks about bringing Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) back from the dead!